Small Business Loans, Now Available $5,000 to $250,000

Muang Karon Beach, Thailand -- (SBWire) -- 03/05/2013 --Getting small business loans when your business needs capital immediately is certainly not an easy task - fortunately, Credit Wise Choice makes it a lot easier for business owners to get the capital they need quickly and without the hassles. The company aims to redefine the way people see business loans by providing loans based on the cash flow. The lending system is based not only on the credit score of the client, but also on the business performance, thus making these cash loans accessible to a wide range of entrepreneurs and future business owners.

What Is Credit Wise Choice?

Credit Wise Choice is a loan company for small businesses that offers a performance-based model different than the model of traditional banks, which require tax returns, personal guarantees, paperwork, financials and an impeccable credit score. Otherwise stated, the company has a different evaluation process that makes it easier for business owners to get the money they need to expand their business or to manage their cash flow better. The ultimate purpose of the company is to provide affordable and accessible business loans that will increase the success rate of small businesses in the United States of America.

The Benefits Of Loans For Small Businesses

Start-up money is vital for a business to blossom in the long run - however, many entrepreneurs lack capital. This is where Credit Wise Choice steps in and provides loans for small businesses quickly and with a minimum of effort from the client. Some of the most important benefits of these loans are:

- Fast approval and funding. This is undoubtedly one of the most important benefits, as the entrepreneur can get the money he or she needs within two business days. The approval is usually made within 24 hours, while the funding is done within two business days;

- Simple process - With Credit Wise Choice, applying for a business loan has never been easier. The application form is comprehensive and easy to complete, so the applicant can go back to business in a matter of minutes. The requester can easily fill in the application form on the official website of the loan company, submit the form and wait for approval. The form requires basic personal information and some data about the company industry and the annual gross revenue;

- The business owner has full control over the money, and he can use it to hire additional staffing, purchase new equipment and invest in newer technology, he can expand and/or renovate his business, invest in marketing and advertising projects and so on. In other words, the loan for small businesses can be used for a wide range of projects and applications that aim to raise brand awareness and boost sales, thus increasing the visibility of the business on the market;

- Focus on cash flow. Last, but certainly not least, Credit Wise Choice stands out from the crowd because it focuses mainly on the cash flow and the business performance rather than the credit score. This aspect is particularly useful for people with bad credit score who are in great need of capital.

About Credit Wise Choice
The bottom line is that Credit Wise Choice has the following motto: "Small business loans, when your business needs capital immediately". This is a safe, secure and almost guaranteed way to obtain the money you need to improve your business. For further details regarding the benefits of business loans and how to get a loan, you can contact the company by phone at [888]-456-9223, in person at 20423 State Road 7 F6-350 Boca Raton, FL 33498 or by sending an e-mail using the special contact form in the "Contact Us" section.

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