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House Ebène, South Africa -- (SBWire) -- 06/20/2013 --Mauritius is an island situated in the Indian Ocean, southeast of Africa. In Mauritius, sandy beaches and tropical forests are the norm and most residents speak french, which makes it a favourite tourist destination for french tourists. The Mauritian population is a harmonious mixture of people from different countries,cultures and religions.One can come across Europeans,Indians,Africans and Chinese.This nation,under British Mandate,has a stable and efficient AngloSaxon administration.Mauritius enjoys a healthy economy which is still growing,mainly based on luxury tourism and good quality cane sugar export. This exotic island attracts more and more tourists and also French and South African investors because of its unique setting and its economic opportunities boosted by a very low tax rate for residents.

Exponential Growth In Luxury Real Estate

The luxurious lifestyle, pleasant climate and favourable environment for business are some of the factors that place Mauritius as a destination for French expatriates. The IRS / RES ( Integrated Resort Scheme / Real Estate Scheme ) apartments and villas have such a huge hit with investors because the purchase of an IRS / RES provides permanent residence in Mauritius. The Mauritian government’s willingness to open up to foreign investment is attracting a large number of investors and many of them are interested in obtaining permanent residence on the island. More and more estate agents are moving to Mauritius to meet this growing demand,offering a reliable service for those who want to buy a property on the island. Now all those who want to rent, buy or sell property in Mauritius can benefit from a high quality service offered by these real estate companies.

Mauritius offers a wide selection of villas and luxury apartments on exceptional sites at affordable prices. These IRS/RES apartments and luxury villas are built to a modern design and are designed by experienced, internationally recognized architects.

Exclusive Developments With Unique Services And Facilities

Those wishing to buy a property in Mauritius are now assured of a wide range of choice through the IRS and RES programs. Mauritian life style is reflected in and revealed by a modern and luxurious architectural expertise. The IRS/RES developers in Mauritius take extreme care to provide properties built with a set of userfriendly features and adapted to their environment. The modern facilities include solar energy generators, systems for treating waste water, gyms, spas, high standard shopping centres, modern restaurants, luxurious pools and many facilities for outdoor activities. The Mauritian government requires IRS/RES developers to comply to strict specifications concerning the quality of the work carried out there. The tropical climate, stable government, the laws favourable to foreign investment, low taxes, ( 15% flat tax rate for residents ) affordable prices and the amazing standard of the properties explains why Mauritius attracts thousands of foreign investors. As a result, the Mauritian real estate market is very dynamic. Anyone who wants to rent, buy or sell a property in Mauritius can make a serious and fast transaction.

Neteller Busifox

It was in France that the real estate profession underwent extensive changes and it is in Mauritius, through Neteller Busifox that we have discovered this new type of real estate agent. Thanks to internet their work has been greatly innovated. Neteller Busifox offers its customers immediate information processing, increased interactivity and the support of a wide media coverage on the web,supervised by the expert french knowledge of the Mauritian legislation. The personal investment and dynamism of all their employees has resulted in them becoming the leader in luxury real estate in Mauritius compared to other more static competitors. All new investors can now benefit from a reliable and serious service and the latest updates on the laws and regulations applicable to Neteller Busifox. Neteller Busifox has a good knowledge of the area and the best locations available on the island for buying or renting property to help you make your project successful.

The secret of Neteller Busifox’s success is that they offer quick and efficient solutions for renting, buying and selling property in Mauritius. For all types of residences, be it villas, luxury homes, old or new, business properties or available building land, buyers can contact Neteller Busifox with confidence and serenity. Investors are invited to visit their website and Facebook page. Website: Facebook Page:

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