Baby Boomer Media Presents 53 Blogs and Websites for Boomers

Baby Boomer Media is proud to present links and information about 53 informational and entertaining blogs and websites focused on the baby boomer generation.

Midland Park, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 07/03/2013 --Baby Boomer Media is pleased to create a comprehensive list of 53 blogs and websites created with the baby boomer generation in mind. From gathering places online to the latest news, there are a variety of blogs made to entertain and inform seasoned older adults.

Baby boomers have always been on the cutting edge of what is new and hot. Baby Boomer Media recognizes the innovations of boomers online by creating a list of 53 baby boomer blogs and websites geared toward this progressive generation. Always ready to try something new, these blogs offer all types of updates to keep people over 40 well-informed.

Certain blogs and websites are created to help people gather the facts about health, well-being and finances. Baby Boomer Media included a variety of baby boomer blogs addressing topics such as medical updates, money matters and housing. Issues such as retirement planning and health problems are a major concern for most boomers.

Other blogs and websites include the latest news and how it relates to the world today. The boomer generation has always had a strong voice in politics and the current headline news. Baby Boomer Media features an array of blogs and websites that help boomers find like-minded people and have a voice in current events.

Sexuality and entertaining are also essential topics boomers want to know more about. Baby Boomer Media includes blogs and websites for dating, sexual health and travel to help boomers plan for plenty of fun. According to a spokesperson at Baby Boomer Media, “Our blog is focused in several of the hottest topics boomers want to know more about. We decided to compile a list of resources for boomers so they have access to even more hot topics.”

With over 50 blogs and websites to choose from, boomers have an impressive array of options. From entertainment to gathering knowledge, these blogs for baby boomers offer a myriad of ideas boomers want to know more about.

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