Creators of the Interactive Game "AD2460" Launch a Crowdfunding Project


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWire) -- 07/17/2013 --With a goal of $150,000 for the development of their latest game AD2460, Christian “Spinner” Lassem and his partners at Fifth Season have launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The game, in the sci-fi web-strategy genre, will be playable from any device with a web-browser without any required plug-ins, will do away with the endless loading of web-pages, and will create a seamless interactive experience for a huge network of players. “It will be quite astounding as we will design it so that thousands of players can play the game simultaneously on the same server. We’re estimating that 80,000 players could potentially play that game all at the same time.” said Christian Lassem, CO-Owner of Fifth Season.

With a social networking type of approach Lassem and his innovative team endeavor to treat the game as a game and not a playable website. Their vision is for players to control their own home world replete with possibilities. They will log in and control every aspect of their civilization, research new technologies, develop new ships for their fleet, conquer new territories in space, lay claim to uninhabitable worlds rich in resources and fight over the right to mine the best ones.

“The social aspect of this game is really a strong point. Players can team up with friends from all over the world and fight for power in the universe.” said Lassem.

“Also players can work together towards common alliance goals and help each other when in need.” Determined to make the social alliances a central part of the game, Lassem and his team pull upon their ample experience as they are central to the invention of the sci-fi web-strategy genre.

With the success of the company’s first game, Planetarion, which was the biggest strategy web game on the market at the time of its creation with 150,000 players, the company then launched a second game. In 2005 Managerleague was released to wide audiences with much success. “We thought that with the AD2460 project we would reboot the web-strategy genre we helped to create.” added Lassem.

The funding raised for the AD2460 game will go toward the final stages of production. Assuring that the game works on as many devices as possible the team will do cross-browser and cross-device testing. The funding will also pay for costly graphic production. At no cost however, the Fifth Season team has ample beta-testing players who are dedicated to bringing the innovative game to market.

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