Little Stream Software Proudly Announces the Release of New E-Book for Freelancers

The Freelancer's Guide to Long-Term Contracts" Explains Process for Finding Clients

Aloha, OR -- (SBWire) -- 08/29/2013 --Eric Davis, founder of Little Stream Software, proudly announces the release of a new ebook for freelancers. This book, The Freelancer's Guide to Long-Term Contracts, shows freelancers how to find, win and keep long-term contracts. "Freelancers frequently struggle to find clients and, once they complete a project for a client, start the process all over again. Long-term contracts eliminate the need for regular client searches and this new book, available at, explains how to find contracts of this type, secure them and hold on to them," Eric Davis ( explains.

Marketing continues to be the key to securing contracts of this type, yet many entrepreneurs halt their marketing efforts once a contract has been secured, even if the contract is only of short duration. With long-term contracts, marketing efforts pay off as clients stay for an extended period of time, eliminating the need for constant marketing. "With this new ebook, freelancers learn strategies designed to help them land long-term contracts so marketing becomes less of an issue," Mr. Davis states.

To keep clients, freelancers need to understand what it is the client wants as opposed to what they say they want and what they need. When a freelancer learns to anticipate what a client needs and how they are thinking, the process becomes easier as customer satisfaction goes up and the client no longer feels a need to look for services elsewhere. "Once trust is established in a relationship, the client comes back again and again," Mr. Davis goes on to say.

Client relationships need a foundation built on trust, yet building trust with a new client takes time and energy, both of which may be used for other, more profitable purposes. The ebook explains why retaining customers is better than finding new ones and goes about explaining how to turn temporary clients into long-term ones. "Freelancers love the ability to pick and choose which clients they work with and this ability comes as a result of establishing contracts of this type," Mr. Davis continues.

With The Freelancer's Guide to Long-Term Contracts, every freelancer gains the ability to obtain contracts of a lengthy duration. Thanks to a variety of format offerings, every freelancer can easily access this information and the package contains three HD videos which go into further depth in terms of content offered in the book. MP3s of each video come at no additional charge and you get a Quick Start Checklist, a Budget Checkin Template and Progress Report Template to assist customers effectively. "For those who feel more assistance is needed, a Complete Package is offered, expanding on these items. The complete package features seven HD videos, contract templates and a 30 minute one-on-one private consultation with me to help you get started setting up your own long term contracts. My goal is to see you succeed and I do everything possible to make this happen," Mr. Davis declares.

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Little Stream Software operates as a web development consultancy that creates custom web applications for software companies. Eric Davis, founder of Little Steam Software, enjoys developing and deploying web applications and has worked in this industry since 2003. To ensure the highest of quality, the company stays in contact with project stakeholders and keeps the focus on long term application maintainability. Each application undergoes thorough testing and releases happen frequently. Customers feel confident using Little Stream Software as Mr. Davis remains committed to continuous learning and professional growth to offer clients the best and latest at all times.

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