Convert Audio Free Releases Free Wav File Converter to Create MP3s and More

Convert Audio Free has created a new audio conversion tool specialised in preserving the fidelity of WAV files while converting them to size-economic formats like MP3.

Seattle, WA -- (SBWire) -- 09/17/2013 --At the dawn of the twenty first century, it was open season on codecs used to create digital content from audio and visual media. Many formats were created by different manufactures looking to secure patents, and for a long time there was debate as to which would be the industry standard, much like VHS and Betamax in the video revolution. Now, we have seen MP3 has become the victor, though Apple’s MP4 and WAV formats still remain contenders. WAV however is a much larger encoding packet and for those wishing to get the maximum amount of music on their devices, the Convert Audio Free WAV converter is now available.

The WAV file converter can be downloaded with a single click from the website and installed in seconds. There is no usage limit on the converter so individuals can convert their entire WAV collection without loss or damage to the original files.

The converter translates the WAV files to MP3 and many other formats considered more universal in order to make them usable on devices like audio players, smartphones and tablets. Free to use and download, the software is user friendly and intuitive making it easy to operate for all.

A spokesperson for Convert Audio Free explained, “The new technology of our latest WAV converter has been made freely available to ensure that as many people can benefit from it as possible. While WAV files are an important resource for audio specialists working in the music, film and TV industries, their beneficial properties are less important to users who are more interested in getting the maximum amount of music into a device that still has limited resources, played through speakers that cannot deliver on WAV fidelity. As a result, it is a far better use of resources for users to translate their WAV files to MP3.”

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