Innovative CRM Tool for Restaurant Businesses Tuee, Offers Free Demo to Display Its Potential

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 09/24/2013 --The latest online CRM tool to hit the food and beverage industry Tuee is now available for a free demo. Tuee is an innovative tool designed specifically for restaurant businesses which provides extensive and vital information about the customers who visit the restaurants. Through Tuee, businesses can reach out to more guests, effectively analyze their business and receive instant feedbacks from their customers.

Since restaurant businesses depend on successful client relationship models, Tuee bridges the gap of not receiving enough information or feedback from their customers. Getting guest feedbacks in restaurants has always been challenging with only a fraction of total customers volunteering to offer their feedbacks on comment cards or guest books. With substantial guest feedback, a restaurant can not only design better marketing campaigns but also allocate their budget on aspects that actually have direct relationship with the profits.

Another capability of Tuee is that it can reach out to far more customers, this enables the restaurants to spread news, offers and loyalty programs. Consistent communication with the customers also lets the guests know that they are always welcome.

Tuee’s instant feedback feature offers the capability of knowing how the guests feel in real-time such that the restaurants can adjust their service and make their visit even more pleasant. The real-time feedback is a rare aspect not readily available anywhere else and can do wonders for restaurants.

The free demo can be requested by visiting the official Tuee website,, and filing up a simple online form. Restaurant owners and managers who are currently using Tuee have stated that Tuee is a ‘Game Changer’ and the information that it provides is absolutely valuable and essential to succeed in this highly competitive industry. One testimonial stated that Tuee lets you know exactly why guests are coming to your restaurant so that you can get the most value from the advertising budget. Tuee can offer restaurants an extra edge to succeed and flourish by concentrating on the most important part of any business – the customers.

About Tuee
Tuee is an innovative client relationship management tool for restaurant businesses which provides comprehensive data and feedback from guests of the restaurant. Tuee enables restaurants to reach out to more guests, analyze their business and obtain instant feedback from their customers. Through the online platform,, further details of Tuee and profiles of its creators can be viewed. Tuee is currently offering a free demo which can be availed by filing up a simple online form on the website.

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