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Montgomery, AL -- (SBWire) -- 01/22/2014 --Betty finds herself amused by a recent study that reveals gift shopping as the major cause of depression during the year-end holiday shopping season. Gift giving is supposed to be fun but yet the contrary is true. Realizing that the excessive availability of option rather than the lack of it as the root cause, Betty decided to start her own highly curated gift ideas site. "There are tens of thousands of gifts you can find but not all of them are worth a wink at all," says Betty. Through her recently launched EasyGiftIdeas.Org, she seeks to make the task easier for those in need of finding great gifts for their loved ones.

EasyGiftIdeas.Org blog author, Betty, never realized how looking for a gift can create so much stress until recently. During the most recent holiday shopping season, a friend came and shared her frustration in finding the right gifts for everyone for the upcoming holiday season. She thought her friend is a rare isolated case but a recent study seems to confirm that there are indeed many people who found themselves in the same situation. Gift shopping has become the #1 stress cause during the year end holiday period.

There are few factors that can attribute to this unusual stress phenomena. "Faced with limited amount of time but yet excessive number of possible gift options is the main reason," says Betty. While the lack of preparation is to blame, there is nothing much that can be done. There are only 24 hours per day and most people do not have the luxury of taking too many days off from the office just for gift hunting.

The only suggestion that is practical is to be more 'ignorant' and do not look at too many gift ideas, especially ones that are not worth a wink. The only drawback against this approach is the potential to miss out the best. In the worst case, one may end up with all the 'lousier' gift ideas. "That's why one has to be careful when they want to be selective", added Betty.

Aside from having too many gift options to choose from, the other major cause is the shipping or delivery. With increasing number of shoppers shifting to online shopping, the big question is whether the delivery courier companies have the capacity to handle the spike during such major occasions as Christmas. If there is a lesson that we can learn from the Amazon / UPS delivery mess, it is that more need to be done in this regard. In the meantime, gift shoppers may still have to brace the possibility of having their gifts not deliverd by Christmas time which could further fuel their frustration.

There may be many places where you can find great gift ideas. But Beatty believes the taste of every individual is unique. Through her recently launched blog, EasyGiftIdeas.Org, Beatty wants to share with others her personal curated collection of beautiful gift ideas. One no longer has to scour through thousands and thousands of gift ideas and the many hours spent there can be used for more productive tasks elsewhere.

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EasyGiftIdeas.Org is a blog dedicated only for the most beautiful gifts that are worth giving. As someone who often receives compliment for her gift selection, Betty seeks to share with her readers nothing but the best gift ideas for every occasion that matters.

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