Bring God Back to America: Bold New Book Urges Christians to Unite, Act & Make Nation Moral Once Again

Charlie Madison Jr. has a bold goal for America – to help it return to the great Christian nation it once was. In ‘Bring God Back to America’, Madison states his case and offers a tangible action plan that rings with plausibility.

East Orange, NJ -- (SBWire) -- 01/20/2014 --While the United States is a world-leading nation that has always embraced the future, Christian scholar Charlie Madison JR. has a bold message – it’s time to remember the past.

In his new book, ‘Bring God Back to America’, Madison urges all Christians to come together and fight the shift from good to evil that has turned the country from a nation blessed by the fruits of God into a land of promiscuity, women with power and rampant materialism.

In short, the book offers a glimmer of hope to a broken society.


Charlie Madison Jr. is driven by his passion to save America. In his comprehensive study, Madison examines the effects of eliminating prayer and the Ten Commandments from our schools and government with the hope of inspiring Christians to unite and act in order to make America a moral nation once again. Madison, who has actively studies Christianity throughout his lifetime, shares a Judo-Christian perspective while providing insight into the world of the Devil and the world of God and allowing others to see how each one works in everyday life. While painting a grim picture of what America will become if it continues on its current path.

Madison examines the shift from good to evil as the country transformed its values in the 60s and embraced promiscuity, offered more power to women and encouraged materialism. Madison has a tremendous respect for women, his mother, his sisters, his wife and his daughters, but Madison believes that modern day women are out of place; thus the warning. Included are Madison ideas for change that include closing the borders, eliminating homelessness and accepting God's influence in our lives. Bring God Back to America is a powerful, shocking, provocative book! This book shares one man's opinion on spirituality, good and evil in America today while encouraging Christians to take back their nation once again. This book will change your life.

The author has unshakable belief in his views.

“The world of the Devil and the world of God both operate very differently. I’ll help readers get a vital insight into each approach and give concrete steps as to how we can return to a true Christian nation once again,” says Madison.

Continuing, “Washington is attempting to legalize gay marriage and God isn’t stepping in to help – and it’s no wonder – our nation is no longer serving him! It looks like we’ve forgotten the Ten Commandments very quickly, so now it’s time to re-align ourselves, our nation and our future – before it’s too late.”

‘Bring God Back to America’, published by iUniverse, is available now:

About Charlie Madison Jr.
Charlie Madison Jr. was raised in the church where he studied Christianity and contemplated becoming a preacher. He has lived in West Virginia, New York City, and New Jersey, where he has nurtured his passion for helping the less fortunate. He currently resides in New Jersey.

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