Talon Vise First Annual Report


Baltimore, MD -- (SBWire) -- 03/14/2014 --Today, a company spokesperson for Talon Vise, a Maryland based company specializing in the design, production and sales of unique sports equipment accessories, announced the completion of the company’s first full year of operations as of December 31st 2013, and the availability of the company’s first annual report to shareholders.

Talon Vise is the manufacturing and sales company offering the “Talon Vise”, a new and advanced product that provides a safe, light weight, and nearly invisible way to secure an athlete's mouth guard. This is the first product of its kind to be introduced to the sports-safety market approved for use by both the NCAA and NFHS.

“Talon Vise’s stated objectives were successfully met in 2013. The company targeted development of the Talon Vise product, the building of a working infrastructure, gaining initial product awareness and acceptance, and the establishment of proof of concept as key in this first year. “

Highlighted in the 2013 annual report, are milestones met this year. These include approval from both the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for use of the Talon Vise Mouth Guard Clip on all High School and NCAA fields, and the successful introduction of the Talon Vise Mouth Guard Clip through general market tests. These included a sampling of the Lacrosse clip provided to over 1000 High Schools, a first product exposure of both the Lacrosse and Football clips to a sampling of over 300 specialty retailers, participation in national coaching conferences and shows, and CBS television exposure with NCAA teams’ use of the Talon Vise Football Clip on the field - in game play.

The company concluded 2013 with a final holding inventory of $41,000, open account receivables of $11,500 and open accounts payable of $4,500.

2013 was not without challenges. The year encountered unexpected legal fees, and revenues planned in later quarters of 2013 were not realized as the company refocused to ensure that primary targets (above) were met. Also, in December, the company assigned a new managing director after an unanticipated change in staff.

“Talon Vise is now positioned for growth. In 2014, the company will enter into a new phase of operation. All indications from our 2013 entry to market demonstrate strong customer acceptance. Talon Vise will be re-launching in 2014 with the Lacrosse Mouth Guard clip available through the company’s website, on Amazon.com, and directly to high schools and colleges through a pre-season discount program. Additionally, in 2014 Talon Vise will be targeting a national licensing partnership with further details available by the July timeframe. “

The board of directors, on January 6th, 2014, during a 2013-year review, voted to approve the full content of the annual report. A complete copy of the Talon Vise Annual Report will be available for request to any share holder March 18th, and an annual shareholders meeting is also scheduled for the month of March. Request for a copy of the Annual Report or date, time and location of the annual shareholder meeting is available to any shareholder. Please request through email to getagrip@talonvise.net.

About Talon Vise
Talon Vise,the company, is Maryland based with operations including design, marketing and retail partner management supporting the Talon Vise branded product potfolio with sales representatives in 50 states. Board of Directors; James Caprara, Judy Harrison, Jimmie Owens, Dallas Harrison. Contact: GetAGrip@talonvise.net

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