Nonprofit Organization Farmished Announces Board of Directors

Muncie, IN -- (SBWire) -- 04/24/2014 --The new website and nonprofit organization Farmished announces board of directors with varying backgrounds. Members of the nonprofit’s board of directors include founder Michael Wolfe, who has a corporate background, Dave Ring, who has a background in retail and food service, Michael O’Donnell, who works with the Purdue Extension Office of Delaware County and Daniel Wasson, who runs a commercial nursery.

Farmished is a newly-created nonprofit organization. The organization encourages community members in the Muncie, Indiana area to get involved in work focused on creating a sustainable food system. Their mission is to help and encourage community members to produce and consume local, healthy and nutrient-dense foods.

“Farmished ensures that the unemployed and underemployed are exposed to the ability of real foods to increase nutrition and health. The organization’s programming helps to make sustainably produced foods available at low costs,” according to an article about the organization.

Participants in the Farmished program gain hands-on experience in the food system; the program helps individuals to develop their leadership skills while making healthy foods more affordable.

“Farmished creates a sustainable local ecosystem including producers and consumers that can continue to grow and thrive. Farmished builds on the models that others in the sustainable farming movement have established in the past few decades,” said Wolfe.

“Farmished facilitates the success and development of farms like Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farms, which uses innovative methods such as multi speciation, rotational grazing, and onsite animal processing to provide his local community with a variety of naturally raised and nutrient dense food products.”

The idea behind Farmished came to Wolfe after years of experimentation with sustainable agriculture and participation in the Down to Earth seminar. The seminar showcases the documentary “Down to Earth,” which focuses on the issues of small-scale Indiana farmers.

Ring’s business, the Downtown Farm Stand, is an organic grocery store, deli, and delivery service that sources foods locally; the goals of Farmished fit well with Ring’s current endeavors, which support his involvement in Farmished as the organization’s Vice President and board member. For board members O’Donnell and Wasson, joining Farmished and getting involved with the organization’s goals was a natural step from their personal and professional endeavors as well.

About Farmished
Farmished is a newly-formed nonprofit in the Muncie, Delaware County area of Indiana. They aspire to create a thriving, sustainable food system that incorporates the participation of the full community in producing and consuming local, healthy, nutrient-dense foods using environmentally friendly methods. Check out their Mission and Goals and what they mean to the group in more detail by visiting the Farmished web site:

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