Journey to the Middle of the Magic: New Children's Fantasy Series Combines Science, Philosophy & Compelling Life Lessons

Conceived, written and illustrated by Craig Philip Peterson, Journey to the Middle of the Magic’ combines Jules Verne-style fantasy with a unique culture full of fantastic magical technology. The end result is a children’s fantasy series that is not only unlike anything written before, but with the potential to leave young minds with plenty to think about in the real world.

Bothell, WA -- (SBWire) -- 04/29/2014 --For over a century and a half, the world has been captured by technology-driven fantasy that was spawned by authors such as Jules Verne. In late 2013, author Craig Philip Peterson joined the ranks of such authors with the release of ‘Journey to the Middle of the Magic’ – a series he hopes will someday achieve the same status as these legendary works.

The narrative follows the exploits of Jonathon Farmer, a complex and sympathetic character who will appeal to both children and young adults. Jonathon is suddenly plunged into a hidden world filled with surprising characters, intrigue, and danger. One thing is certain; those following Farmer’s adventures will be inspired to broaden horizons in their own lives.


The last day of school is finally over, and Jonathon Farmer arrives home to discover that his parents have mysteriously disappeared. His only clues to their whereabouts are a large circular hole torn in the side of his house, and a strange device resembling a stopwatch called a finder. With the help of his best friend Samantha Towning, Jonathon must use the finder to locate his reclusive grandfather, Merle Candlestick, to help him find his parents.

On their way to Grandpa Candlestick's house, Jonathon and Samantha must escape the pursuit of an evil group called the Dark Ones, intent on capturing Jonathon and stealing the finder. When they reach their journey's end, they find it has only just begun, for Grandpa Candlestick introduces Jonathon to a world of secret councils, strange creatures, and mysterious powers, as they travel around the world, trying to solve the puzzle of his parent’s disappearance.

As the author explains, his narrative has many crossovers with the real world.

“The book uses limited and strict rules governing its fantastic elements to demonstrate to young readers that sometimes the easy way out of a problem is not always the best way. They’ll also discover that, while there is seemingly magical technology in the world I’ve created, tenacity and ingenuity is what will ultimately save the day – and save the character’s lives,” says Peterson.

Continuing, “The book is filled with historical characters and references to events in the past. It also gives readers a gentle introduction to some scientific concepts and even some fun math.”

With the successful release of this first novel, Peterson has recently announced that he intends to continue Jonathon Farmer’s adventures in a series of novels.

“I have ambitious plans to continue providing readers new works filled with the same sort of philosophy, history, science, and logic driven plots. I believe that authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells would have enjoyed reading this series!” he adds.

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About Craig Philip Peterson
Craig Philip Peterson is currently working as a software engineering consultant in the greater Seattle area. He has held many diverse occupations including automobile mechanic, independent filmmaker, actor, chemist, electrical engineer, and software development engineer. He has always been interested in science, science fiction, and fantasy and has a large collection of books devoted to those subjects. Craig loves to draw and is responsible for all of the interior illustrations and the cover art. He holds degrees in physics and electrical engineering and lives in Washington State with his wife and son.

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