Announcing the Launch of, An Outlet for Insights of Noted Entrepreneur hosts articles and guides detailing the lessons learned over the course of a successful career in marketing and entrepreneurship, Allen Baler reports

Nashville, TN -- (SBWire) -- 07/09/2014, a new site owned and operated by well-known entrepreneur Allen Baler, has launched and is available to Internet visitors. A product of Baler's desire to better share the lessons he has learned and the insights he has developed over the course of his career as an Internet-based business founder and product manager, will center around an actively updated blog. Baler has already detailed there a number of the lessons acquired over the course of establishing and growing Food4Patriots, a particularly successful Internet venture.

"It's a great pleasure to be able to announce that is up and running," operator Allen Baler stated, "and I look forward to connecting with the many people who will be reading the articles and posts there." Baler's career up until this point has focused on the founding and development of a number of successful businesses, one of the best-known of which is Food4Patriots, a company that provides supplies to survivalists and those interested in disaster preparation. The many lessons that Baler has learned over the course of this career have been distilled into a number of articles for the launching of the new site, and this selection is set to expand quickly and consistently. Those interested in starting a business from scratch, for example, will find a guide to doing just that conveys a number of unique, useful tips in a straightforward, actionable format.

Like many entrepreneurs, Baler himself is largely self-taught. After graduating from Harvard University and working for several of the nation's most successful companies, Baler founded Reboot Marketing, LLC., a company whose spectacular growth trajectory aroused great interest among the nation's business leaders and members of the press, as by being included on Inc. Magazine's list of the 500 fastest-growing companies. More recently, his similar success with Food4Patriots, thanks in part to a marketing campaign that was recognized as one of the most innovative of recent years, attracted attention from a wide variety of onlookers and would-be investors. While continuing to work with Reboot, Food4Patriots, and a number of new ventures, Baler has also become interested in sharing with others the benefit of his hard-won lessons as an entrepreneur and marketer, this being the main motivation behind the launching of

"Being an entrepreneur is about doing everything possible to succeed," Baler concluded, "and that sometimes means that those starting their own businesses can come to feel that it's a matter of them against the world. I want to be a place where budding entrepreneurs and business-people can find the help and encouragement they so often need." In addition to being an especially successful entrepreneur, Baler is committed to philanthropic causes. His business Food4Patriots, for example, made news recently with its donation of a large quantity of valuable LifeStraw-brand water filters and emergency meals to victims of tornadoes in Arkansas and neighboring states. While addressing a less pointed need, has been launched in a similar spirit of sharing and neighborliness.

The personal site of entrepreneur and owner of Allen Baler, serves as a central outlet for his insights into business start-up, cultivation, and operation and related topics.

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