Teeny Tiny Tina: Grandmother's Fantastical Fairy Bedtime Stories Spread Their Wings, to Become Award-Winning Series of Children's Books

Rosemary R. Evans originally created the ‘Teeny Tiny Tina’ stories to both enthrall and educate her grandchildren at bedtime. Years after this lovable fairy was conceived, Tina is now the star of a celebrated new series of books that hark back to the days when story and illustration fused to impart powerful life lessons. The series’ two current books have already been recognized with a Mom’s Choice Award Gold Medal and Royal Dragonfly Book Awards First Place award. It’s easy to see why – each book takes flight to help young readers conquer change, prepare for a diverse future and embrace their uniqueness.

Lake Oswego, OR -- (SBWire) -- 10/06/2014 --While the first two books in the ‘Teeny Tiny Tina’ series may only have hit the shelves last year, Tina the fairy has been the star of bedtime stories in Lake Oswego, Oregon for years. Author Rosemary R. Evans created her as a character through which her grandchildren could learn bold life lessons; a project that has since evolved to become an award-winning series of books.

‘Teeny Tiny Tina the Teeny Tiny Tooth Fairy™’ and ‘Teeny Tiny Tina and her Teeny Tiny Pet™’ bring empowering story and stunning illustrations together to provide children with gentle lessons about the many challenges they will face in the years ahead.


‘Teeny Tiny Tina the Teeny Tiny Tooth Fairy™’ - The first story in the Teeny Tina Series is about Teeny Tiny Tina, a tiny fairy who learns the importance of not giving up on her dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. Tina wants to be a tooth fairy, but everyone tells her that she is much too small. Tina thinks up ways she can grow taller. She thinks and thinks and comes up with some very funny ideas, but decides that none of those ideas will work.

One day her older sisters Annabelle and Rosebud need her help and Tina discovers that just as she is, she made a big difference. Tina learned that by helping others she was also helping herself. Tina says that you can always be helpful, regardless of your size.

The story teaches children that if they really want to achieve something, and don’t give up, they can do it.

‘Teeny Tiny Tina and her Teeny Tiny Pet™’ - Tina loves being a fairy more than anything else. Tina's second most favorite thing is playing with her soft, fuzzy caterpillar, named Kat. In this second story in the Teeny Tiny Tina Series, Tina’s sisters tell her that Kat is going to change into a butterfly. Tina is upset and doesn't want Kat to change. She goes to great lengths to take her pet everywhere so it won’t change. Tina is so tired from carrying Kat around that she falls fast asleep and sleeps for a very long time. When she awakes, Kat is gone.

Tina has her sisters and her mom help look for Kat. When they finally find Kat, she has made a cocoon for herself. Tina’s mom tells Tina to be patient and when Kat emerges she will be a beautiful butterfly.

Tina didn't feel patient and she didn't want Kat to be a new creature. Tina sat on her bed and watched and watched that soft ball of fluff and nothing happened. One morning Tina wakes up to find the most beautiful butterfly she has ever seen sitting on her bed.

Tina decides Kat needs a new name. She re-names her new friend Bella -Bella Milagros ~ beautiful miracle – and they have fun flying together. Tina learns that change is not something to fear and that it can be the beginning of wonderful new adventures.

“My goal was to create a fairytale universe that would capture and hold each child’s imagination while metaphor, imagery, alliteration and repetition provided some vital life lessons,” explains Evans, also author of the award-winning ‘The Adventures of the Little Prince’ and ‘The Little Princesses’ Magical Party’ books. “We live in a climate where children struggle with change, as well as with embracing their unique traits.”

Continuing, “The series’ first book urges children never to give up on their dreams and to help others in need. ‘Teeny Tiny Tina and her Teeny Tiny Pet’ takes this one step further as it encourages children to never fear change, recognize its new adventures and always be open to accepting new challenges. This is certainly adding a traditional twist to a modern children’s book market saturated with zombies and stories of revenge.”

To date, the series has garnered dozens of five-star reviews. Barbara Randall comments, “Teeny Tiny Tina is a delightful character and the Teeny Tiny Tina series is enchanting for children of all ages. Every child can identify with Tina and discover just how wonderful she and they are as individuals. Perfect reading for boys and girls.”

Audrey Buchanan adds, “My daughter LOVES this story for the bright, beautiful illustrations. I love it because it teaches her to be herself and focus on what she can contribute to the world. It is written in a sweet, whimsical way-- not at all preachy (kids see right through that stuff). I can't wait to see Ms Evans' next book!”

With six more books on the way, children should keep a firm hold of their wings. There’s plenty of new adventures around the corner.

The ‘Teeny Tiny Tina’ series is available now: http://tinatoothfairy.com.

About Rosemary Evans
Rosemary Evans, a two-time award winning author, is the mother of four children and grandmother of fourteen. She is originally from Ontario, Canada, and now lives in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The Teeny Tiny Tina series originated from bedtime stories that Rosemary made up for her grandchildren. There are 6 more books in the Teeny Tiny Tina series that are in process, and Rosemary looks forward to introducing them to her vast audience of readers.

In addition to her children's books, Rosemary is the author of four eBooks, and she is an accomplished watercolor artist.

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