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Anaheim, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/26/2015, one of America's fastest growing distributors of car covers, offers a line of car covers that protects vehicles from the harmful effects of acid rain.  Acid rain, which forms when industrial pollutants enter rain clouds, can drop corrosive, highly acidic water onto cars, ruining the paint finish.  The company, which was founded with the goal of providing the best quality covers on the market at the lowest price possible, offers acid-rain protecting covers for virtually every vehicle on the market today.

"Rain is no friend of your car's paint job," said Michael Storm.  "Depending on where you live, a rainy Spring season can make your car look 5 years older.  We give you a way to prevent that from happening."

By protecting a car from acid rain, actually offers an investment in extending the life and value of a car.   This is a necessity, particularly in the Northeastern United States, which gets rain containing emissions from Midwestern coal-fired power plants that put thousands of tons of acidic compounds into the atmosphere every year.  Acid rain is quite corrosive.  With a Ph of approximately 4.3 (compared to an average Ph of 6 for rain), acid rain is shown by research to be a strong enough acid to corrode iron and paint.

About was started "by drivers, for drives" in New York City just over a decade ago. The company has grown to the point where it now has three warehouses in North America. In addition to the Anaheim headquarters, CarAutoCovers has warehouses in New Jersey and Quebec.  The company is growing rapidly, experiencing success through a positive, customer service oriented business philosophy. has free shipping on all orders.  It also features Price Match Guarantee and an Easy Returns policy. Staff members take pride in doing extensive research on the best car covers and developing relationships with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the business.

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