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Lansing, MI -- (SBWire) -- 02/23/2015, a website dedicated to ecology and environmental issues, has been updated with latest information about shale oil. The website contains comprehensive details about this newest source of energy which many has deemed as the ideal alternative for conventional crude oil. The website further goes on to say that the US is home to the most concentrated and largest shale oil deposits in the world. According to, small areas in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming contains the richest shale oil deposits in the world.

According to, while shale oil is found in many places all over the world, the largest deposits are found in the US in the Green River Formation, which covers parts of Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. About 70% of the total shale oil land in the Green River Formation, including the thickest and richest shale oil deposits, is located on federal lands while the remaining 30% is on state land, private land etc.

Due to improved lifestyles and rapidly growing industries, people now use more energy in almost every aspect of their personal lives as well as in industries and transportations. Energy prices are rising every day as crude oil reserves are running out. According to, rise in prices of energy will be more frequent and severe in the days to come. This need and demand for energy has compelled nations to find new and alternative sources of energy in order to fulfill the daily requirements of their citizens. Shale oil is one such new energy source.

Shale oil is basically a fine-grained sedimentary rock which contains considerable amount of a hydrocarbon known as "Kerogen." When Kerogen is heated, it becomes a light liquid hydrocarbon. While this resultant liquid hydrocarbon is not true oil in nature, this shale oil may very soon replace natural gas and oil in the coming years as the sources of conventional gas and oil are rapidly depleting and will eventually become exhausted.

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