Achieve 4 Fitness Now Offers Small Group Pilates Classes

Classes are designed for those who have completed one-on-one Pilates training, announces

Malvern, Worcestershire -- (SBWire) -- 03/27/2015 --Achieve 4 Fitness announces the introduction of personalized Malvern Pilates Classes for groups of three to four individuals. Pilates remains a precise form of exercise and is typically only taught to individuals or couples due to the different requirements of participants. Each client needs an individualized program and detailed instructions., Once the 12 week instruction is complete, however, many wish to carry on with weekly training and the new classes are designed to help these individuals.

"With the help of these classes, monitoring the participants to ensure they are engaging in the exercises correctly becomes easier. The small group size allows me to adapt exercises when needed for individuals who are still lacking strength. Offering these classes helps to ensure the clients continue with their training, a problem for some who aren't motivated without an extra push," Emily Jeffs, spokesperson for Achieve 4 Fitness, explains.

When organizing these classes, Achieve 4 Fitness attempts to group individuals with similar abilities, needs and strengths. Each class typically consists of a minimum of four to six sessions, with ten to 12 being preferred. With these sessions, the instructor covers the basic techniques while addressing the unique needs of each participant.

"Adapting exercises remains a critical component of this training. The goal continues to be to help those with back or hip problems, those with generalized pain and individuals with other medical conditions which may interfere with their ability to exercise. When an exercise cannot be completed due to physical limitations, I step in to help the client find a way to receive the benefits of the exercise while staying within their limitations," Jeffs states. "Doing so allows each participant to get the most from the classes."

Classes are offered on a six week term and payment is due up front to hold one's place in the class. Clients need to understand their place is secured in the class, thus money cannot be refunded or carried over to the upcoming term. The small group size prohibits this, as each participant has their spot and it can't be given to someone else.

"The personalized instruction is designed for those who have signed up for the class. Changes can't be made for new individuals in a short period of time. Keep this in mind when signing up for the classes, as some may find they wish to continue with one-on-one instruction rather than small group sessions. Contact Achieve 4 Fitness today to reserve your spot in one-on-one training or small group classes. We can't wait to help you achieve your fitness goals," Jess declares.

About Achieve 4 Fitness
Emily Jeffs founded Achieve 4 Fitness in 2007 with the goal being to help others achieve their fitness goals. Her background in weight and cardiovascular training allowed her to do so, and she opted to specialize in Pilates after a lower back injury and knee problems. This therapeutic approach to exercise complements intensive exercise in a variety of ways, and Ms. Jeffs enjoys helping others take their fitness to a higher level.

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