Gradwood Ltd Comment on New European Energy Market Plan

Stockport, England -- (SBWire) -- 03/27/2015 --H&V CompanyGradwood Ltd have shared their thoughts on a newly proposed Energy Union which would see 28 European energy markets integrated into one main union.

The proposal was put forth by the European Commission and would see that the grid absorbs locally produced energy without complication or difficult, while also preventing members from using their position to interfere in the internal market.

Gradwood Ltd, a provider of heating, ventilation and air conditioning services in the UK, often share their thoughts on industry-related news. They believe the move could be beneficial for long-term energy sustainability.

A representative for Gradwood said: "This is a hugely ambitious project. Would probably have to go back to the Coal and Steel Community to find something similar. Jobs and growth should be bolstered by the plan as investors will be encouraged by the predictability and reliability. The move will also make us less energy dependant and will help to integrate all 28 European energy markets.

"This move will affect us all and as a specialist in the H&V sector we're definitely going to be keeping up to date with how this proposal progresses and what its effects will be."

Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, said: "For too long, energy has been exempt from the fundamental freedoms of our Union. Current events show the sakes – as many Europeans fear they may not have energy needed to heat their homes.

"This is about Europe acting together, for the long term. I want the energy that underpins our economy to be resilient, reliable, secure and growingly renewable and sustainable."

Thomas Nowak, EHPA secretary general, remarked: "The Energy Package adopted by the Commission today offers a comprehensive view of the energy challenges to be addressed by the EU but it fails to picture the right mix.

"We welcome the announcement of a strategy and actions on heating and cooling and the determination towards energy efficiency and renewables."

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