A Special Dating Site Launched Just for People with HPV

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 03/31/2015 --Firstly, what is HPV? HPV also stands for Human papillomavirus and it contains a group of 150 or more related viruses. Any HPV virus that is in a large group is given a specific number and that is called the HPV type.

Now, even people with HPV get lonely, and they do deserve to be with someone and they also deserve to be happy. Obviously this is totally legal as HPV dating is safe. Hpv.dating is a site where people having HPV can find others like them and find someone interesting, someone that they would like to meet or be in a relationship with. This private hpv dating site is managed by positive singles platform which has been founded for around 14 years and has helped hundreds of thousands singles with STDs. This HPV dating site gives a person a private and a safe way for dating someone with HPV or meet singles that also have HPV. It would not be easy finding someone who would agree to be in a relationship with someone with HPV, so , we’ve created this site specifically for people who are lonely and want to have a partner but are being held back due to their illness.

Even though a person can find millions and millions of dating sites on the internet, but, none of them would ever provide a platform for people with HPV to find a life partner and fall in love. A person shall no longer hide in the shame of rejection just because of a certain disease. Since most of the members on hpv.dating have the same kind of experience, feelings and have been through similar stages, people find something in common with each other, something to talk about. This forms a sort of understanding that is required in almost all forms of relationships. The most important thing about our site is that when a person finds someone to be with, he or she does not need to be worried about infecting the other person with the virus that they contain as they already have it in them as well. This site is a sort of platform for people with HPV to live again, hope again and most importantly, love again.

HPV can be transferred by making close contact through the skin. A person can also get HPV by having Oral or vaginal sex with someone who already has the virus inside. So it is strictly warned that any person not containing HPV (or other STDs) should NOT sign up for this site, and if someone does, the site would not be health responsible for any harm done to that person’s health.

About Us:

HPV.dating is the site where people with HPV should go to when they want to find someone to be with, someone who would actually understand how they feel and someone who would not ask questions about their safety from the disease because they already have it. Be careful that before you sign up you do have HPV as if you do have a problem with your health later on, the site will not be responsible.

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