YourSmarterBuy Offers 'Color Changing LED' Shower Head

The product is safe, fun, easy to install and is the perfect family gift

New York, NY -- (SBWire) -- 05/11/2015 --It has been two months since LED shower heads have been introduced into the market by "" and since then they have been widely enjoyed and bought by customers. The product is recognized for its features: safety, fun, easy installation and quality.

First of all, the LED shower of this product comes with 12 led lights mounted on its shower head. These lights are sharp in color projection, making the water look colored almost evenly right through to the end. These led shower heads can be mounted on plenty of different kinds of showers. Children are not mostly big fans of bathing but after having mounted led color changing shower head in the bathroom parents say things have changed significantly.

The product is extremely easy to mount too, there is simply no need to use many tools, nor does it require expertise, just a few removable screw provided with the led shower head and a rubber ring and - Voila! Since it is one of kids' bathroom accessories, its quality has been kept up to the mark. The led shower head has been made with the use of ABS material bearing chrome finishing. This leads to this product bearing higher quality.

It does not run with batteries not with electricity, so the safety is guaranteed. It is one of the best bathroom ideas ever introduced for kids to start liking bathing. The product is also temperature sensitive and can detect and respond to even slight changes in the temperature of water.

Bearing a temperature sensor, the device secures the bather from getting burnt by overly heated water. Color of lights changes with changing water thus announcing of how hot or cold a stream of water should the bather expect. This device also serves as a brilliant gift for everyone – regardless of their age. Apart from its utility features, it is also a very efficient shower head that can run at very low cost and also work for a very long time. The majority of customers of this product are parents, who are finding hard time getting their kids under the shower. This device is exceptional for them as it gives kids a reason to bath and for a long time - fun. For more information:

About have been selling the color changing LED shower head on the market for two months and have received a great response from mothers and house wives over the course of time. The popularity is due to its great quality, complete security and brilliant utility of the product. It is worth buying.


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