SRA Commercial Refrigeration Launches Service Extension Catering to Commercial Sector

A wider reach helps prevent considerable loss in a growing food service industry, publishes

Osborne Park, Western Australia -- (SBWire) -- 05/12/2015 --Consumer reports reveal an annual increase of approximately 4 percent in Australia's food service industry as well as an estimated 3 percent uptick in the country's retail food and beverage sector. With these trends expected to continue for the foreseeable future, Perth area business owners in this field stand to lose considerable profits in the wake of commercial refrigeration malfunctions. In light of this potential for loss in a growing market, Darren Dwyer of SRA Commercial Refrigeration has launched an extension of the company's services.

Dwyer confirmed, "We've been providing commercial fridge repair services locally for more than three decades, but we're now extending our reach throughout the greater Perth metropolitan area. Our staff of highly trained fridge mechanics focus solely on commercial applications, allowing us to become specialists in our field. A few of the services we provide are gas leak repairs, regassing and replacement of faulty parts. Our team also designs and installs refrigeration systems customized to meet clients' specific needs."

Cool rooms are among the company's most common service requests. Supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, liquor and convenience stores as well as similar businesses rely heavily on these features to keep their perishable items fresh and safe for customers. Because such establishments vary in size and nature, their refrigeration needs are highly diversified. Convenience stores and supermarkets additionally make up a sizable portion of SRA Commercial Refrigeration's clientele for their experience in display fridge repair.

Commercial freezers are a particularly critical matter as frozen items must remain so until ready for use in order to thwart bacteria growth. Routine maintenance of these appliances is necessary to help prevent breakdowns; however, malfunctions can occur despite the best efforts of the owner. In emergency situations like these, immediate attention is required. The company responds to emergency service calls around the clock.

Concluded Dwyer, "Coldplates, under-bench fridges, ice machines, two-door fridges, beer chillers and vending machines are also among our areas of expertise. We realize our clients depend on their commercial freezers and refrigeration systems. Should a malfunction occur, they could lose significant amounts of their inventory as well as a number of their customers. Anyone in need of our services or just looking for a repair company to have on hand in the event of an emergency should feel free to contact us via our website,"

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Established in 1983, SRA Commercial Refrigeration is a family owned company providing commercial refrigeration design, installation, maintenance and repair services across the greater Perth metropolitan area.

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