Ricoh India Banking on Big Data to Fuel the Growth of Its Data Centers

Over the past few years, the continuous growth of big data has resulted into an exponential growth of data centers. Several studies show that in order to handle the huge volume of information, data centers with expanded capacity are required.

New Dehli, India -- (SBWire) -- 07/20/2015 --According to a recent study, published in the Data Center Journal, the corporate data centers have grown exponentially over the past few years. However, according to industry experts, this is not quite surprising though. With the constant growth of e-businesses and increasing popularity of technologies like cloud computing and visualization, the growth of data centers is quite expected. However, in the current year, as studies show, the growth of data centers has taken a remarkable leap. This growth is basically driven by huge amount of digital data that need to be stored.

A considerable number of data center managers were interviewed for a specific report, to be published in the Data Center Journal. In that survey almost all the professionals were of the opinion that there companies were suffering from a data center sprawl. The term basically refers to an absurd growth, for managing which expanded data center capacity is required. In order to expand this capacity, data centers had to add extra storage units or new servers. However, according to the experts, the best possible method to handle this additional growth is to build a data center anew. This should be manufactured in a way so that it can handle the demands of greater capacity. This will, eventually, help avoid issued like overloading the cooling system or the electrical system of the existing system.

As researches show, the main component of this entire trend of data center growth is big data. Since businesses, especially the ones that belong to the IT industry, make use of Software as a Service (SaaS), virtual servers, mobile computing and cloud computing, the amount of data that needs to be stored, keeps on growing. Organizations store these data in the form of duplicate copies of cloud-based data, copies of applications and documents and stored virtual machine images.

A number of recent studies throw light on the current usage trend of data centers. For instance, Emulex, one of the leading network infrastructure providers, conducted a survey with 1,549 senior IT professionals, based in Europe and the U.S. According to 54% of those executives, they may have to expand the bandwidth of corporate network by at least 50% or even more in order to meet the constantly increasing demand of big data. A different study shows that due to the increasing volume of data storage, the construction projects of data centers are getting delayed or backed up at times.

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