Four Times More Likely to Crash if You Drive Using a Phone: Zen Law Comments

Manchester, England -- (SBWire) -- 07/21/2015 --Recent figures released by the road safety team 'Think!' as part of Direct Gov, reveal that you are four times MORE likely to crash, if you use a mobile phone when driving. The use of a phone at the wheel not only distracts from concentration and delays the response time of the individual, but also occupies at least one hand – reducing the control a person has over their vehicle.

The statistic therefore consolidates the importance of existing legislation– that to drive and use a mobile phone is against the law. Using a phone at the wheel places both the driver and those around them at considerable risk, with an increased chance of the vehicle striking pedestrians and failing to stop when necessary. Penalties for being caught are high, as it is such a dangerous activity, and can include a fine, driving ban and even a prison sentence.

In turn, driving and using a phone is negligent behaviour. It puts the person and those around them at increased risk because they are paying improper attention to their environment. Zen Law are a team of personal injury specialists, who often provide legal support regarding car accidents. They are also frequent commentators on industry news and were quick to reflect in light of the YouGov figures.

"We think that the statistic highlights how crucial it is for drivers to be responsible and keep aware at all times," A spokesperson said "After all, if a person is injured due to the driver being distracted by a phone or some other cause, it is highly tragic. For those who face the consequences of someone driving and using a phone, it is extremely frustrating – to be the victim of someone's negligence. However, we are here for people affected. We work to support those who have been in any kind of traffic accident they believe was not their fault."

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