The Audio Files of "The Rational Male" Are Finally Available

A Hit and Run Case Took a Toll on the Ambitions of the Narrator of the Audio Talk and He Needs Help

West Hollywood, CA -- (SBWire) -- 01/04/2016 --A news story that may interest those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the audio book "The rational male" is that Sam Botta, one of the most popular narrators and who is acclaimed for his professional voice talent, has done the live recording for the talk. But these people may be dismayed to know that Sam Botta was the victim of a hit and run car crash in late 2014.

Since Sam liked the book, he used to make it a point to discuss its excerpts even when he was interviewing Hollywood celebrities but it was before the accident.

Sam describes how the accident has brought about a quick and drastic change in his life and how he has been forced to use a wheelchair, a walker, and a cane throughout 2015 due to paralysis of his arm, hand, leg and foot, loss of normal balance and loss of vision. His sensory processing in speech has slowed down and there have been other issues like facial palsy and cognitive, associative and memory dysfunction also. His reaction times while responding to questions and while trying to move are abnormally delayed.

This has also meant that his ability to do the voice work that he is in love with has to be put on hold. In short, throughout the year, he has been living in round-the-clock, live-in inpatient care.

Despite prolonged and frequent hospital stays, lots of medicines and spending all his resources, financial as well as others, Sam has been remaining courageous. Of course, there have been several other complications such as narcolepsy, congestive heart ailment, etc. due to the hit and run accident. He is forced to depend on resources he worked for in order to survive, stay alive and continue to improve.

His resources have now dried up and he does not have money to buy even the required medicines.

He loves his work and he wants to be the best in the world in the field so he can influence people in the most positive ways with his voice. The good news is the audiobook is available to readers who are eagerly awaiting its release. But he is completely exhausted though he is still in superb physical shape.

A GoFundMe account is being set up for helping Sam and philanthropic minded people can generously fund this campaign

In the meantime, the good news is that the Man in Demand conferences talks are now available for downloading and 50% of the proceeds of these downloads will also go to Sam for helping him with his medical and living expenses because he is still in the phase of recovering.

About The Rational Male
The audio files of Man in Demand are now available on the Digiramp shop. The sound mastering and edits for the talk audio have been done by Peter Rafelson. Peter has done a fabulous job of cleaning up the live audio Sam Botta recorded himself in Vegas.

Part I of the audio contains the first half of the talk and part two contains the second half. Part three covers the Questions & Answers session that was done at the end. Interested people can buy each audio file for $10 or they can buy the whole talk in one large file for $25. All the files are in MP3 format.

Sam has done the introduction voiceovers in the talk audio. He focused on doing the book narration during his recovery and it has helped him not only in keeping his focus but in healing him as well.

A GoFundMe campaign is being set up to help Sam have his treatment. Philanthropic minded people can generously fund the campaign.

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