Callidus Offers Water Analysis for Private Drinking Wells

Huntington, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/02/2016 --There are plenty of health reasons why only high quality and professional water analysis services should be trusted for private drinking wells. Private well water that serves a single household can be contaminated by various harmful germs, bacteria and/or chemicals that can be injurious to the health of all those who consume it. Callidus is a provider of professional water analysis services and products that can help their clients identify the contaminants in their drinking water and protect their health.

One of the first steps of getting a professional water testing is knowing when it is absolutely necessary to get the water checked. If well owners suspect that surface water or human or animal waste has entered the well then there is a serious risk of bacterial contamination. A certified lab is able to provide the analysis services and Callidus is a name that can be trusted in this field.

Talking about how the company is able to provide its clients trustable information about their well water, the Callidus spokesperson said: "Callidus collaborating for several years with the accredited lab ALcontrol. Professionals perform your analysis then, which means that you will receive objective statements about your water. Based on the assay results, we give you then free advice and suggestions on the treatment plant."

Because it may be hard for clients to interpret the results, Callidus also provides free advice and consultation services that can help their clients in making an informed choice about the next course of action to ensure their loved ones enjoy clean and uncontaminated drinking water.

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Callidus is a company based in Sweden that offers water analysis services, free advice and suggestions for private water well owners.

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