NJ American Water Reveals Effects of Winter on Water Quality

White Plains, NY -- (SBWire) -- 11/23/2016 --The winter season is beginning again next month. While some may not be concerned about water quality in changing seasons, others are noticing the changes. The most common effect winter has on water that many can notice is how it becomes "more salty."

The New Jersey American Water website, a provider of water systems in the region, reveals the impacts of winter over water quality. They also explained why water tends to get saltier during this season. Read on to find out more.

Salty water

The group noted that the salt taste of the water during this season can be related to the melting of the snow.

"As the snow melts or when it rains, the salt applied to roads and other surfaces can eventually make its way to nearby rivers and streams through run off. When this occurs, it can increase the levels of sodium and chloride in the source waters for drinking water supplies," the website noted.

When the sodium and chloride concentrations increase, there are customers who can experience the salty taste. The group makes it clear that this is not a major health risk after all.

"The higher concentrations of sodium and chloride that we are experiencing do not pose a human health concern for most individuals. A much greater intake of sodium takes place from salt in the diet. Elevated sodium levels may be a concern to individuals on sodium restricted diet. Customers with health questions are encouraged to contact their family physicians," the website added.

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