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Professional Marriage Coach's Ground-Breaking New Book Fuses Faith & Family, to Help Any Couple Reach the 'Next Level' of Intimacy

‘Five Ways to ‘Jazz Up’ Your Marriage’ shares the major concepts of marriage enhancement that have dramatically changed the life of author Glen Kato and hundreds of his clients. Kato admits that no marriage is easy but, with diligent work and commitment, a bond that breaks all boundaries is more than attainable. His book shows any couple how.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- While Glen Kato has been married to his wife Carlyn for over 35 years, neither will admit that marriage has been easy. Millions won’t admit it, but power and emotional struggles exist in just about every matrimonial union. Having cracked the code of where most couples go wrong, Kato compiles his wisdom into a powerful new book that will help any couple prosper in life and love.

‘Five Ways to ‘Jazz Up’ Your Marriage’ is a unique melding of Kato’s experience as a Licensed Pastoral Counselor/Certified Professional Life Coach and the tough decisions and choices he has faced in his own marriage. It all culminates in a potentially life-changing guide that can be deployed by anyone willing to affect change.


In Five Ways to 'Jazz Up' Your Marriage, San Diego Marriage Life Coach, Glen Kato, invites you to invest your H.E.A.R.T. into your 'ever after.' Drawing from more than thirty years of encouraging and coaching couples in life and love from a Christian perspective as well as learning from thirty-five years of marriage, Glen will biblically and practically motivate you and your spouse towards taking your marriage to the next level of intimacy.

“Let me be straight; I’ve seen the tougher end of marriage,” explains Kato. “Carlyn is from the Philippines and I am 3rd generation Japanese from Hawaii; this presented a unique set of cultural clashes; from our lifestyles to our beliefs and even how we fought. After two years of working on these differences things began to click, but around the tenth year of our marriage I decided that I had to stand up and shift the balance of power, so I worked at becoming the leader of our family. I wanted Carlyn to accept me for who I was and meant to be, and not just what she wanted me to be.”

Continuing, “The change was radical and fruitful. Although Carlyn understood relationships better than me, she was supportive of the change of leadership roles because she always dreamt of me becoming the lover and leader of the family. Around the same time, I trained as a Pastoral Counselor and Life Coach. After founding the San Diego Marriage Life Coach practice and seeing huge success with my ‘Five Ways to ‘Jazz Up’ Your Marriage’ workshop, I decided to turn it into a book!”

To date, the book has garnered rave reviews. For example, William M. Lolli comments, “Glen brings to the printed page a practical, easy to use guide for any couple interested in adding more interest and enhancement to their marriage. By illustrating with examples and discussing in detail the importance of building that foundation for a lasting, deeply intimate relationship, the author walks you through techniques and mind-sets which practically guarantee results. I have been married for 18 years, but had two tragic divorces before that. Glen hits the nails on their heads with his advice and insight, which can help you to sidestep problems and issues before they occur as well as Jazz Up Your Marriage now and into the future.”

Kato is confident that his advice can be put to use by all couples; whatever their circumstances in life. He is especially passionate, however, in helping couples start off on the right foot by providing pre-marital coaching and coaching for newlyweds.

“The book was written with a few major targets in mind; the main ones being men and those in the Christian community. However, the concepts of marriage enrichment contained within the book are accessible and applicable to couples in any stage or circumstance. If you want a succinct, practical and proven way to take your intimacy to the ‘next level’ – this is it,” he adds.

‘Five Ways to ‘Jazz Up’ Your Marriage’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1o6e7w2.

For more information on the author’s professional practice, visit: http://www.sandiegomarriagelifecoach.com.

About Glen Kato
Glen Kato has helped individuals and couples for over 30 years as a mentor and pastor. He has encountered a variety of people and situations, has years of training, and has an impressive track record of helping people maximize their potential and lives. He is especially passionate about educating and motivating couples towards their ‘ever after’ from a Christian perspective. As a Certified Professional Life Coach (CPLC) and a Licensed Pastoral Counselor (LPC), Glen started San Diego Marriage Life Coach in 2013. He and his wife, Carlyn, recently celebrated their 35th anniversary. Their daughter, Blossom, has been married to Brian for almost 14 years, and they blessed them with two grandkids, Jasmine (11 yrs) and Brody (6 yrs), who also live in San Diego, CA.