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Quality Credit Repair Announces Availability to Provide Bankruptcy Debt Counseling


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2015 -- Many individuals who find themselves in a situation where they are forced to declare bankruptcy may feel shame, regret or, above all, concern for their future. It is also normal for those facing this variety of debt to feel overwhelmed at tackling their credit issues, and afraid to make the wrong decision. Quality Credit Repair, one of the best credit repair companies serving clients nationwide, has announced its availability to provide bankruptcy debt counseling in order to help clients reclaim their financial independence and lives.

Highly-trained Quality Credit Repair specialists begin every appointment with clients by reviewing their finances and examining their credit report for troubled areas, in order to begin improving their score by correcting errors on the part of credit reporting companies. The information gathered from a client is then used to come up with a systematic, manageable credit repayment plan. Bankruptcy specialists are also available to help clients understand the temporary limitations they will face due to their recent declaration of bankruptcy, as well as the best ways to begin to repair their credit and advance towards the future.

Quality Credit Repair offers free and completely confidential consultations with prospective clients, in order to assess whether their services will suit the client's financial situation prior to accepting their case. Individuals are invited to fill out an online form on the Quality Credit Repair website in order for representatives to call them at a time that is convenient for their schedule.

To benefit from the services of one of the nation's best credit report sites, whether near to its Philadelphia location or nationwide, visit http://www.qualitycreditrepair.com or call 888-399-3898.

About Quality Credit Repair
Quality Credit Repair works to help clients better their credit score and ensure they receive the most accurate credit reports. Their dedicated and highly trained consultants have over 15 years of experience resolving credit related issues. They will review a client's credit report and highlight areas that are harming the scores. The consultant will also layout changes the individual can make to better their credit. The company helps build credit by recommending the opening of secured accounts with certain, trusted lenders. Their services are available to clients anywhere in the country.

For more information, please visit http://www.qualitycreditrepair.com