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Quality Credit Repair Offering Consultations by Credit Professionals to Prepare for Start of School Year


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Back-to-school season is an expensive time of the year, both for college students preparing to conquer the fall semester, as well as for parents looking to make sure their young scholars are ready and able to succeed. Books, new clothing, school supplies and registration fees add up quickly, and for those with bad credit, the interest rates on these necessary purchases can quickly add up to an unmanageable burden – meanwhile, those who have taken the steps to repair their damaged credit will enjoy lower interest rates and more easily accessible funds. Quality Credit repair, the best credit report service in the Philadelphia area for those struggling with poor credit, is offering professional consultation to help individuals struggling with bad credit scores, so that they can reap the benefits that come with an improved credit reputation.

Offering services that range from debt management solutions and credit education to tips on acquiring a mortgage and credit report reviews, Quality Credit Repair employs professionals with over 15 years' experience helping those with poor credit to improve their scores and rebuild their lives. Quality Credit Repair performs essential services such as finding errors and inaccuracies in credit reports to help repair scores, but also takes the additional step of helping clients to understand how credit works, as well as providing education on how to budget and plan for the future. Those interested in bad credit repair services can benefit from a completely free and confidential consultation with Quality Credit Repair, and are in no way obligated to continue their services after speaking with a credit repair specialist.

Prospective clients of Quality Credit Repair are invited to fill out a form in order to have team members contact them at a time that is convenient to their schedule. While Quality Credit Repair is based in Philadelphia, its services are available to clients nationwide.

To inquire about a free consultation, find out more information on the services offered by Quality Credit Repair or for free tips on money management and understanding the credit system, visit http://www.qualitycreditrepair.com or call 888-399-3898.

About Quality Credit Repair
Quality Credit Repair works to help clients better their credit score and ensure they receive the most accurate credit reports. Their dedicated and highly trained consultants have over 15 years of experience resolving credit related issues. They will review a client's credit report and highlight areas that are harming the scores. The consultant will also layout changes the individual can make to better their credit. The company helps build credit by recommending the opening of secured accounts with certain, trusted lenders. Their services are available to clients anywhere in the country.

For more information, please visit http://www.qualitycreditrepair.com