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Quality Credit Repair Offers Clarification on the Effects of Hard & Soft Credit Report Inquiries


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2019 -- Quality Credit Repair is a bankruptcy debt counseling and credit assistance agency in the Philadelphia area that provides help to those looking to improve their credit scores, organize payments, and more. They are committed to their clients, and they are showing their dedication by offering some insight and advice on debt management and credit reporting. One of the most misunderstood aspects of credit reporting is the use and effects of credit report inquiries by different companies each year. Sometimes some inquiries will hurt credit scores while others will do nothing at all, leading to confusion and frustration. Fortunately, Quality Credit Repair understands everything about credit reporting and can offer some information to clarify the effects and other differences of these inquiries.

The first type of inquiry is a soft inquiry. These light credit checks are used by creditors and employers to check financial responsibility, lenders to make credit offers, insurance companies, and private individuals monitoring their credit scores. Since these inquiries do not indicate any actual behavior that would inform anyone of specific credit habits (other than payment history, past debt management, and a few more pieces of information), they are made viewable only by consumers, and they do not affect credit scores.

The second type of inquiry is a hard inquiry. These credit report inquiries are used almost solely to indicate that a consumer has recently applied for additional credit or a loan. Hard pulls can be seen by both consumers and creditors and have the potential to affect credit scores negatively. Each hard pull can deduct from five to ten points from a credit score, so it is essential that consumers monitor their credit applications, as those deductions can drop consumers' credit scores down to lower credit levels.

Credit scores change for a variety of reasons; however, hard inquiries can immediately damage consumer credit scores, especially if multiple applications are put to other creditors. For more information on both hard and soft credit report inquiries, contact the debt counseling professionals in Philadelphia, PA, at Quality Credit Repair. Call 888-399-3898 to speak to a reliable credit professional today.

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Quality Credit Repair works to help clients better their credit score and ensure they receive the most accurate credit reports. Their dedicated and highly trained consultants have over 20 years of experience resolving credit related issues. They will review a client's credit report and highlight areas that are harming the scores. The consultant will also layout changes the individual can make to better their credit. The company helps build credit by recommending the opening of secured accounts with certain, trusted lenders. Their services are available to clients anywhere in the country.

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