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Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Reduces Legionella Risk


Chelmsford, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2023 -- Legionella is a threat that every business needs to take seriously today. Since 2015, there have been approximately a thousand confirmed cases of Legionella infection in England and Wales. Because many of the symptoms of Legionella infection are easily confused with something like pneumonia it can be difficult to get a clear sense of the widespread nature of the problem - which can be critical if not caught in time. Due to the severity of potential outbreaks, there is a national surveillance scheme in place in the UK that focuses on controlling local outbreaks. When Legionella is spotted it can be easily treated with antibiotics - as long as it is caught in time. However, the real priority is preventing a Legionella outbreak in the first place and regular air conditioning maintenance is a key part of helping to reduce Legionella risk in this way.

Water and water supply systems are vital when it comes to reducing Legionella risk. While most HVAC systems don't tend to use a direct water supply, Legionella can still be found in the moisture that tends to be part of those systems. It's also important to note that the temperatures of most HVAC systems are ideal for Legionella, which can make a system that has not been regularly maintained a hot spot for the bacteria. Part of this will be ensuring that the HVAC system has been placed in a position where the potential for exposing Legionella organisms has been minimised. And part of the process is putting a regular schedule of maintenance in place. This should include regular inspections and ongoing maintenance, replacing any water-damaged areas, ductwork cleaning and extractor cleaning, replacing air filters, and AHU maintenance.

Regular air conditioning maintenance is something that the team at Bserv can provide regular support with. Ensuring the quality of air in the workplace - and minimising the risks that are associated with Legionella - are vital responsibilities for any organisation. The team at Bserv provides a range of services that are designed to help support a business, whether that is in achieving sustainable initiatives or protecting the workforce against risks like Legionella. Bserv works with state-of-the-art systems and technology to deliver on HVAC objectives. Planned maintenance options provide a cost-effective way to manage equipment like an HVAC system, to prevent expensive repairs, and ensure that the equipment is optimally functioning and that air quality is at peak performance levels.

About Bserv
Bserv is a family-owned and run air conditioning company that will take care of every aspect of your built environment, using our experience and expertise to help you create a functional space and a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to work or live and has a passionate focus on customer service and client satisfaction.

Bserv was created due to increasing frustrations when dealing with multiple trades, with contractors passing the buck and blaming other trades resulting in costly repairs, project delays, and unhappy clients. Bserv specialises in air conditioning and removes this frustration by handling all aspects and ensuring all trades have high levels of pre-planning, communication, and regular trade interface meetings.
Based in Essex, covering London and the South East of England, our highly trained consultants, engineers, maintenance, and support staff offer a Bserv wealth of experience in all aspects of air conditioning installation services – enabling us to provide the best aircon installations and aftercare.
From air conditioning and air monitoring equipment to state-of-the-art green alternatives, Bserv can provide everything you need to improve the quality of air in your workplace for the benefit of everyone who uses it.

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Managing Director of Bserv comments, "As a leading commercial heating & air conditioning company in Essex, we are trusted by businesses across London and the Southeast to install and regularly maintain commercial HVAC systems."

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