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Skin Health – Safe Solutions to Remove Skin Tags and Moles at Home

More and more customers prefer home based and natural skin tag, mole and wart removals. This trend is well supported by companies, producing plant based creams and solutions, like Dermatend.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2011 -- Skin tags and moles affect millions of people worldwide. Although not harmful or infectious, many people consider removing these skin imperfections due to aesthetic reasons.

Skin care industry can count one more addition to the number of skin tag and mole remover products. Dermatend has become a well known product that gains its position as a leader in safe and home based skin tag and mole removal market.

While many industry experts inquire does Dermatend work to remove skin tags and moles, Solace International Inc., who are the official distributors of the product are confident that this product is effective. While many people inquire does Dermatend work, it has been used on hundreds of thousands of patients with considerable success. Dermatend has a creamy consistency and contains only natural ingredients that work hand in hand with the body’s natural healing processes. The core substance of the product is essence of the herb called Bloodroot or Sanguinaria Canadensis.

This natural remedy has been used by Native Americans to treat many skin related conditions and is particularly known for various fungi and polyp removal.

Dermatend is topical application and it takes from three days to completely remove skin tag, moles and warts. Dermatend is applied to the skin tags, moles or warts to dry off the cells. In few days the skin cells are safe to be scrubbed off.

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Medical skin tag and more treatment involve medical excision procedures. While effective, these types of procedures can leave scaring on the patients’ skin. Natural topical applicators, such as Dermisil or Dermatend decrease the risk of scaring because of non-invasive nature.

Herbal and natural treatments for skin problems are becoming more popular among consumers who are concerned about various side effects of chemical drugs and solutions. Natural skin care products and treatments account for almost a half of the skin care market share and are expected to rise in the future.

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