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Hiring Activity up by 8.38 % in November ‘09 As Compared to October ‘09: Naukri JobSpeak


Noida, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/23/2009  The Naukri JobSpeak index at 760, indicates that hiring activity accelerated by 8.38% as compared to October’09

 The Insurance sector has been the most bullish on hiring with an index of 1033 surpassing the July’08 levels (July’08 represents the start of the index and was taken at a base of 1000)

 Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore witnessed a growth in hiring activity by 4.82%, 9.93%, 11.21% and 8.46% in November ‘09 as compared to October ‘09

 The demand for professionals in the HR/Admin and IT software sector bounced back by 15.3% and 7.84% in November ‘09 as compared to October ‘09

New Delhi, December 15, 2009: The Naukri JobSpeak index at 760 for November 2009 significantly suggests a positive hiring outlook across all industry sectors. This is the highest job index since March’09, thus indicating a buoyant hiring sentiment across all industries and experience buckets. A sectoral analysis clearly shows that demand for insurance sector professionals has been showing momentum. The composite three-month moving average has also inched up to 783 from 761 in October ’09.

“As this year heads towards an optimistic finish, new horizons seem to ensure a promising year ahead. These are reflected in an improved and encouraging business sentiment thus clearly indicating there has been a steady revival at the job scenario. The next step is to look for a contained momentum towards recovery” said Sumeet Singh, National Head – Marketing and Communications, Info Edge.

Hiring activity saw a significant push across all sectors with auto, insurance and telecom sectors seeing a double-digit percentage growth. All the metros have seen a surge in the hiring and Pune has finally picked up on hiring activity after four successive months of decline in the job index.

City wise Analysis: Out of the top 7 cities, 6 cities saw an uptrend in hiring
The city wise analysis indicates a positive hiring sentiment across India with 9 out of top 13 cities showing an increase in the job index. Hiring activity in Pune picked up by 18.04% in Nov‘09 as compared to Oct ‘09 after dipping four months in succession. Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore witnessed a growth in hiring activity by 4.82%, 9.93%, 11.21% and 8.46% in November ’09 while in the tier-II segment, Coimbatore and Chandigarh witnessed a decline in hiring activity by 14.26% and 10.07% in November ‘09 as compared to October ’09. However on a three month moving average index there has been a marginal decline in decline of 3.5% in Coimbatore and 2.9% in Chandigarh. The figures for the smaller cities tend to be volatile due to relatively small database.

Industry Analysis: Auto, insurance and telecom sectors saw double-digit percentage growth
A surge in hiring activity pushed up the indices for most industries. Hiring activity in Auto/Auto Ancillary, Insurance and Telecom sectors whose indexes had dipped in October’09 was up by 17.38%, 22.98% and 19.29% respectively in November ’09. IT and Oil and Gas sectors saw an increase in hiring by 5% and 8.8% respectively indicating comeback in hiring activity. With the index at 1033, hiring activity for insurance surpassed July’08 levels. (July’08 represents the start of the index).Pharma and Biotech has seen a continued dip in hiring activity since Aug’09.

Functional Area / Department: Hiring for IT-Professionals is back in action
Analysis of the functional areas for November ‘09 brought in cheer, with indices going up across most of them. Hiring for IT-Professionals is back in action after the dip in October ’09 with an increase of 7.8% and 21.8% in the index of IT-Software and IT- Hardware professionals in November‘09 as compared to October‘09.

Index of Total Jobs
On Total Jobs (this includes refreshed jobs), the index has moved up by 10% from 745 in Oct ‘09 to 819 in Nov ‘09. The movement was sharper as compared to New Jobs. In the last six months the index has peaked to 819 for the first time and thus proves that markets have opened up and the demand for jobs are on a steady increase

The index has been calculated based on job listings added to the site month on month. July 2008 has been taken as the base month with a score of 1000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with data for July 2008. Data has been sourced from and it reflects job listings and therefore hiring trends on the site. Jobs have been categorized by location, functional area, industry and experience buckets. The index has been analyzed across Cities/ Functional Area - Deptt / Industry verticals. The report (produced monthly) shows hiring trends across industry sectors, geography and functional areas. There might be high volatility in the case of smaller cities, niche industries and functional areas owing to a small database. More than 34000 national and international clients used in 2008-2009, leading to high reliability of data.

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