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The Arizona Solar Power Society Predicts Bright Future for Solar in 2010; Plans to Launch “go Solar in Arizona” Public Service Pr Campaign in January


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/24/2009 -- The Arizona Solar Power Society plans to make Arizona’s solar industry a bright spot in the local economy during 2010 despite Arizona’s despondent economy. The association plans to launch a “Go Solar in Arizona” initiative in January to expand its solar community outreach program across Arizona, which have been very successful in the Greater Phoenix area over the past 12 months.

Early next year the group plans to launch a new website and conduct a "Go Solar in Arizona" public service PR campaign to educate Arizona residents and businesses on the benefits of using solar power.

"Our goal is simple, we would like to see solar installed on 9,000 rooftops by the end of 2010," said Robert Hoskins, the Arizona Solar Power Society's Executive Director. "We have put together a solar community outreach program complete with marketing template as well as solar subject matter experts to help mayors, city councils and chambers of commerce plan solar town hall meetings to educate their communities on the benefits of using the sun’s energy to produce free electricity and free hot water.”

Solar installations save money, create green jobs, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, eliminate millions of tons of pollution from the earth's atmosphere and makes Earth a better place to breath for our children’s future.
Many people are not aware that there are hundreds of millions of dollars waiting for them right now that can be used to pay for up to 75-80% of the system and installation costs. Investing in solar system right today will save customers a lot of money via rebates and tax credits.

With a minimum 3% increase per year, electricity bills will double by the year 2035. Investing in solar now can freeze rates for the next 25 years.

Why not invest money right now to save yourself a lot of money in the long run? It just makes good common sense given the amount of sunshine that falls on Arizona every day.

If Arizona’s ninety incorporated cities could meet a goal of one hundred installed solar systems each that would result in more than 9,000 solar installations, which would create badly needed jobs for Arizonans.

Robert Hoskins