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From Supervillains to Celebrities, Ranker Introduces A One-Stop Shop For All Your Pop Culture Needs


Hollywood, California -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/25/2010 -- Who was the villain in "Tomorrow Never Dies?" Which Star Trek movie came out after "The Final Frontier"? What did Lady Gaga wear at The Grammys? For too long, pop culture geeks have had to wander all over the web to find answers to their most burning questions. Now, Ranker is coming to the rescue with a new series of lists about all things entertainment.

With their collection of the best top 10 and top 100, Ranker has built a reputation as the web's premiere destination for list making. Now, Ranker is also the web's best one stop shop for pop culture facts, photos and videos. And, from superheroes to celebrities, Ranker has every category of entertainment covered.

Looking to settle a debate about Batman villains with your geeky neighbor? Check out Ranker's comprehensive catalog of enemies and supervillains, and browse all the vilest villains by comic book, movie or TV show. Sort by creator, first appearance and more for the ultimate geek-out experience. Or, grab your favorite bad guys and build your own list in mere minutes. How's that for superpowers?

Writing a blog post about Lady Gaga fashion trends? Ranker has a comprehensive list of all of Lady Gaga's outfits (http://www.ranker.com/list/lady-gaga-fashion-all-lady-gaga-outfits/lady-gaga-outfits), complete with large, full-color photos and a detailed breakdown of all the clothes and accessories in every ensemble. From the red carpet to the stage, Alexander McQueen to Haus of GaGa, Ranker's got the most complete collection of Lady Gaga's wardrobe on the web.

And, movie buffs will love Ranker's complete list of New Movie Trailers: 2010 (http://www.ranker.com/list/new-movie-trailers-2010/new-movie-trailers). With videos for all upcoming 2010 movies updated every Thursday, film fans will never have to scour the web or look through a bunch of different studio pages for a 2010 trailer ever again. Not sure which movie you're in the mood for? Ranker's got that covered too with its Genre Movie Lists (http://www.ranker.com/profile-of/all-genre-movies-lists) - a complete collection of movies broken down by category. From all mafia movies to every film about vampires ever made, Ranker has lists for every niche of movie geek.

So, forget scouring search results. With Ranker's new series of entertainment lists, you'll never need to click through fifty sites to find the facts you need about your favorite pop culture icons or scroll through an endless series of trailers to find the one 2010 movie you really want to see. Ranker's got all your pop culture needs covered, all in one place. Because nothing beats being able to finally beat that geeky neighbor at Batman trivia.

Brian Gilmore
Publicity Manager | Ranker.com

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