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Relationship Insurance Unveils Attractive New Relationship Counseling Packages

New packages will help couples build stronger, more satisfying relationships and forge deeper connections for life, Relationship Insurance reports


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/01/2014 -- Relationship Insurance announced the introduction of new relationship counseling packages for couples. The new packages have been developed in response to the proven needs of those who come to Relationship Insurance for help with building stronger, more resilient relationships and together cover the most common situations. As always, couples and individuals may also take advantage of Relationship Insurance's highly effective individual counseling sessions, as well.

"Contrary to what novels and movies might sometimes seem to be telling us," Relationship Insurance founder and therapist Lynda Bishop said, "strong, enduring, supportive relationships take a lot of hard work. Learning how to work together in positive, relationship-nurturing ways is an important task for every couple, and we are here to help."

Studies and surveys conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists show that relationship counseling is one of the most satisfying and productive forms of therapy. 97 percent of respondents to one of the organization's surveys, for example, said that they received the help they had hoped for through relationship counseling, with 93% reporting that they were endowed as a result with reliable new tools for working through relationship difficulties.

Relationship Insurance was founded by licensed therapist lynda bishop to provide this kind of effective, valuable assistance for those in the Phoenix area. Having spent over 13 years helping couples learn how to build stronger, more satisfying relationships, Bishop combines extensive training and professional experience with a personal perspective that lets her better understand the individual situations she is presented with.

As a result, Relationship Insurance has become one of the most highly respected sources of realtionship advice in phoenix, az. Bishop emphasizes the importance of personal growth, learning, and hard work, not seeking merely to paper over real difficulties for short-term results. Her approach has produced real progress and stronger, more deeply committed relationships for hundreds of couples over the years who made the decision to get relationship counseling.

The new counseling packages just announced by Relationship Insurance are designed to make Bishop's valuable help even more accessible and convenient to use than ever before. The in-depth Forever Foundation Package, for example, provides couples with an extensive course of counseling over a six-week initial period, along with a selection of helpful materials designed to allow for self-study and reference. An in-person follow-up appointment and unlimited email communications for a year will help couples consolidate and reinforce their achievements together, as will the opportunity to book further counseling sessions at half-price for twelve months.

A number of other new and updated packages have also been released, and details of each are available at the Relationship Insurance website. Bishop's services remain available, too, in the form of one-off counseling sessions for those looking for help getting through particularly rough patches or who simply want to try Relationship Insurance out. Relationship Insurance welcomes and works productively with all couples and individuals.

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