Hipviews' Take on YouTube Views as a Barometer to Stardom: What It Takes to Make It on the Charts

Inevitable spotlight given by YouTube to many subscribers and viewers can be partly attributed to the short attention span of the video creator’s target audience.


Davidson, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/15/2014 -- The perks of having YouTube in sharing, marketing, or promoting home-made and company-produced videos that discuss various topics relevant to the interest of the audiences, have attracted various people to go online in hopes that this video-sharing website would be their stairway to stardom through a number of 'views' as the basis from being merely popular to becoming a household name.

'Getting raw and real that is very much appealing to this generation', has lured millions with this democratizing fame that anyone can be famous if they got the right video to go viral. With this phenomenon, some managed to get contracts and a fair amount of short-term money.

Internet stars make use of YouTube to earn money by linking their content to advertisements that play before each post aligning tthemselves from certain brands and product placement. And like PewDiePie – Swedish video commentator Felix Kjellberg – he managed to run the most subscribed individual channel on YouTube with 32 million fans and earned $4 million in revenue on Youtube in 2013 through videos of mostly him, narrating the action as he plays video games.

Inevitable spotlight given by YouTube to many subscribers and viewers can be partly attributed to the short attention span of the video creator's target audience. "The 18- to 24 year old market is not turning on the TV; they're not listening to the radio. They're pulling stuff off their phone and the Internet" as said by Steve Tanzili, chairman of Sports, Arts and Entertainment Management program at Point Park University, towards the attention span of most viewers/subscribers on videos uploaded on the net.

Various people nowadays are 'looking for so many different outlets to be entertained', that cheap YouTube views would not be enough to have a video recognizable to many audiences and make it to the top; if it won't be able to hold anybody's attention in 10 minutes.

To fill those 10 minutes, little creative restriction is needed. As Christine Whelan, a sociologist in School of Human Ecology has said, people 'could be crazier and take more risk' because they 'don't have to jump through the rules of production house' to achieve the '10 minutes of fame'.

But to make it to the top, videos to be uploaded should be search-engine optimized and interesting. The creator should develop better video reach, content, and engagement on the videos. This could be achieved by discovering and segmenting videos' audiences to attract right viewership, identifying the topics that audiences wants establish goals for the videos and for the audience, creating relevant content for each audience, measuring the videos' success with key metrics over time, and reach more viewers through paid or organic search methods.

Tangible goal setting, careful planning, and immediate course of action will surely create positive results whatever YouTube might serve a purpose. But keep in mind that strict vigilance should be imposed in posting anything on the web in order to prevent any hostilities and damages it might generate.

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