Bing Ads Holiday Coupon Code Expands Offer and Slated Expiry for January 5, 2015


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2014 -- The annual Bing Ads holiday coupon code promotion coming to a close on January 5, 2015. Bing Ads is hoping to help small and medium businesses with $100 in free Bing advertising for new accounts to help boost sales and traffic. Bing has extended this special annual Holiday special to three new countries though offer expiration is set for January 5.

Bing's annual Holiday promotion offer has been extended to three new countries including Canada, UK, and Australia. The promotional offer is intended to help small and medium businesses acquire new customers and get more traffic during the bustling holiday season. This year, the Bing-Yahoo Ads network have decided to expand the coupon promotion to three new geographic regions including UK, Canada, and Australia. The special promotion entitles small business owners and new accounts to obtain double the usual sign-up bonus although is set to expire on January 5, 2015.

Small and Medium businesses are finding increase competition in today's digital marketplace. To stay competitive, businesses need to get in front of customers. The Bing-Yahoo Ads network helps business owners reach their market as the 2nd leading PPC network. Small and Medium business owners will notice that Bing Ads network carries many similar tools and features they are accustom to using at other PPC networks. The Holiday promotion is targeted towards these business owners who hope to get some extra help during this holiday season especially with the trend of declining sales in the retail market.

In combination with other concurrent offers, SMEs are able to obtain a total of $200 USD in Bing Ads coupons (Bing Ads Coupons - The legal solution as described by "humbledmarket" (humbledmarket - on the Warrior Forum (a long standing internet marketing forum established) entails using the Bing Holiday special coupled with a Webmaster sign up promotion and Godaddy's web hosting (Godaddy's Web Hosting –

Godaddy is featuring their new web hosting services with a $1/month for WordPress hosting. The package comes with bonus credits like a $100 USD Bing Ads Network coupon (Bing Ads Network coupon -, $100 Google Adwords coupon, and $50 Facebook Ads coupon.

SMEs are able to effectively use this technique to successful acquire extra free promotions from Bing Ads in excess of $200 USD.

This promotional offer while intended especially for small business owners is also available to webmasters, and internet marketers. The combination of these two vouchers provide for an excess of $200 in free Bing ads (Bing Ads - credit.

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The newly formed Bing and Yahoo ad network is renowned for excellent customer support, quality search engine traffic, and lower cost per click translating to more traffic and possibly sales or leads for their advertisers.