Highlighting 2015 Biggest Wedding Trends: Using Creativity in Expressing Individuality and Personal Taste in Wedding Occasions

What it takes to have a successful wedding event with a touch of individuality is creativity.


Markham, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Creative wedding ideas have truly evolved from a sheer goal into a pure passion that various wedding couples were eager to infuse ceremonies and receptions with own personality without breaking the norms and traditions of holy matrimony. It's not surprising that couples find ways to communicate who they are through intricate wedding preparations that is all worth it at the end of the wedding day.

From all the industries that had flourished, weddings are considered to be one of the big timers in the industry bringing in $50 billion annually. It was noted according to the annual Real Weddings Study that the average wedding budget that was spent from $28,427 had soared to a more than $76,000 and still counting. The recorded amount is expected to hike following the legalization of gay marriage in some selected states which small and medium wedding vendors are likely to benefit from it. And with the dawn of the new year breaking in, popular wedding trends that will reflect the couples' personality are expected to further boost the industry.

With such hype in search of a wedding statement, best wedding videographer Toronto-based strongly deems that new concepts for 2015 will not only wow the guest but will also reflect the deep sense of individuality and personal touch of the wedding couples, that the following trends are anticipated to dominate wedding events this year. Such as:

Al Fresco Dining: Royal British elegance would surely invade wedding events thanks to the unwavering appeal of the Duchess of Cambridge and the Downtown Abbey that inundated witnesses of the wedding of the century with stylish details that brought afternoon tea and garden parties into the world spotlight. Tables were adorned with vintage lace cloth and chic floral centerpieces were hanged loosely with lush garlands or redefining wedding fixtures with herbs strung together as runners.

Bridal Flower Picks: Emphasizing a dramatic yet romantic vibe of the wedding makes English roses, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias and ranunclus an all-time favorite flower pick among brides for its versatility; may it be the traditional or a more relaxed type of wedding.

Attention-grabbing invitations: Guest will definitely be wowed with an invitations suite designed to stun and excite wedding attendees delivered in decorated boxes, spangled with crystals and gems or with dried flower embellished.

Champagne purées: Expect champagne towers to be part of the celebration with mixed fruit purées as a twist to create a palatable cocktail.

Sip samplings: Couples can have another way to check bar budget in hands with an array of beverages in smaller sip from bourbons to wine, sangria from white to pink and deep red, or even with lemonade and fizzy soda. This will allow the guest to take a peek of the couples' personal taste with this variety of drink stations.

Meal Served Family Style: Successful guest interaction can be achieved with this relaxing family style dining that works well in both upscale and laid-back settings, with guests passing classy and sumptuous entrées and sides as the conversations keep going.

Personalized tasting stations: Couples will be able to further showcase favorite foods aside from cocktails served from different stations, from a typical finger food to a heavy meal that will certainly delight guests with the party food medley.

Lavish wedding cakes: Tempt the guest with cakes in ruffled and tulle looks. Cakes can go with lace patterns, pleats and textured butter creams and frosting highlight a vintage, romantic feel of the wedding.

Yacht Rocks: Bring the guest on the dance floor with wedding bands dress in period garb, with polyester suits and Ray-Ban ensemble to give the wedding an unforgettable music to remember.

Framed mementos: Give an artistic twist that something worth to keep on photo booths where guest will have their pictures taken. The hiring on-site silhouette artist is a great way to give guests a very personal memento.

Bottom line, couples can incorporate their individual taste through wedding ceremonies and receptions through proper and careful planning of every wedding detail. What it takes to have a successful wedding event with a touch of individuality is creativity.

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