Maizhk Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Introduce Hand Painted and 3D Printed Japanese Penguin Bracelets

Maizhk is all set to introduce hand painted and 3d printed Japanese Penguin Bracelets with leather straps. A Kickstarter campaign has been initiated recently to raise funds for this project.


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- The popularity of 3D printing has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. Hong Kong based organization Maizhk comprises of a group of 3d printing enthusiasts dedicated to representing their lives through beautiful things that surround them. The organization has recently come up with the idea of making an animal family using 3d printing technology. Japanese Penguin, the first-born creation from Maizhk, this is a 3D printed penguin bracelet with 100% hand-painted Japanese style flower pattern and hand-knitted tricolor leather strap.

Describing Japanese Penguin, a senior official from Maizhk said, "These penguins did not swim all the way from their origin to Japan; they were from the fingertips of the artist Ariel and engineer Keith, designing them from scratch. After printing them out, Ariel and Keith decided to adopt them."

Japanese Penguins will be available in a wide array of colors including Berry Red, Pumpkin, Green Tree, Bahama, Baby Blue, and Habor Blue. In most of the cases, desktop 3d printers allow a number of colors. However, because of budgetary constraints, Maizhk will be able to use just one color. In spite of providing fantastic details of the penguins, the use of just one color may have a negative impact on Japanese Penguins. To work around this limitation, the company decided to color the Japanese Penguins with paints that resulted in the creation of an elegant, classic design. With this human factor, they have freed the concept of 3d printing from the mathematical algorithm related limitations.

With adequate funding support from Kickstarter, Maizhk will be able to complete the production of Japanese Penguin Bracelets by the end of March. The funding goal of this campaign is £125, and it will close on February 26, 2015.

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About Maizhk
Maizhk comprises of a group of people that are passionate about having beautiful things surrounding them that can represent their lifestyle. They took the idea from the 3d printing industry and started creating their own version of fashion accessories.