You're Worth It! - A Scripture Devotional Helping Teens to Love God!

Pat Rinker's New Scripture Devotional Launched for Ongoing Support of Christian Teens

Relevant and unambiguous scriptural guidance is key to helping young people stand strong in the face of today's unique adversities, publishes


Lansing, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2015 -- Recent spiritual studies reveal 60 percent of American teens rank religion at the top of their priority lists; however, 100 percent of religious young people face some degree of intolerance and resistance from their peers because of their beliefs. While most continue to stand fast in the face of such adversity, they readily admit the world around them makes doing so increasingly difficult. Despite the moral strength gained through church attendance and youth group meetings, the majority of teens state constant and more in-depth support would be immensely helpful.

With more than 40 years of first-hand experience regarding the mounting challenges teens face in their everyday lives, religious author Pat Rinker has devoted his life to helping young people combat these issues through a resolute relationship with God. With the recent launch of his latest book, You're Worth It! - A Scripture Devotional Helping Teens to Love God!, he has taken another step in fostering these efforts.

"The Bible holds answers to all life's questions and obstacles," explained Rinker, "The problem is at this budding stage in the walk with God, young people are unsure of where to look to find scriptures relevant to their own experiences. If they do happen to stumble upon them, they have a great deal of difficulty in understanding exactly what they mean and how they apply to them personally. You're Worth It! highlights the guidance already available in God's word and breaks it down into a form teens can more easily understand and relate to."

Though devotionals abound online and through countless bookstores across the nation, most are either geared toward adults and established Christians or considered largely outdated when compared to the changing landscape of today's world. Church ministry and Youth Group Lessons help nurture a Christian lifestyle, yet pastors and youth leaders are simply unable to be with their teen congregations on a constant basis or address all personal hurdles as they arise. Rinker's devotional book was written to help bridge the gap.

Concluded Rinker, "Daily prayer and scripture are vital to our personal development, and catering to the spiritual needs of today's youth is critical to helping them forge strong lifelong relationships with God as well as others. My hope is that my new book will help reinforce such a closeness and enable teens to remain focused on God and unwavering in their beliefs.

Available in both print and digital format, You're Worth It! can be found at"

About You're Worth It! - A Scripture Devotional Helping Teens to Love God!
Written by renowned religious author Pat Rinker, You're Worth It! - A Scripture Devotional Helping Teens to Love God! is designed to provide the daily support and guidance teens need in order to grow in their faith while building upon their confidence and self worth.