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Sapphire Books Publishing Announces a New Release - The Demon Within, the Silver Legacy Series, from Award Winning Author, Linda Kay Silva


Salinas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2015 -- Sapphire Books Publishing is thrilled to announce the next in the Silver Legacy series, The Demon Within, by Linda Kay Silva. In The Demon Within, Denny Silver is back again and this time she is the demon within. Linda Kay weaves in intricate tale of suspense and terror as she brings Denny Silver back to take on another evil being, herself. A story so well told the reader will leave the lights on for weeks.

What do you do when you're a demon hunter who is also possessed by an ancient demon who needs to feed off other demonic spirits? Where do you turn when that demon's hunger for the deaths of others reaches its apex causing you to become an overzealous killer and murderer of evil? How do you live with yourself night after night as you wade through the detritus that was once a demonic entity destroying human lives? And who can you turn to when your very humanity starts slipping through your fingers as the demon within takes control?

Witches, that's who.

When Denny Silver falls down the rabbit hole of toward a path of her own destruction, only her friends from the local coven have the strength and power to pull her from the darkness...a shadowy blackness that threatens to consume her own soul...a darkness that feeds upon other malevolent forces, transforming her into a mere shade of a human. And as Denny begins losing the battle with her ancient demon, her people, her witches, even her ghost of a best friend rally around her to bolster her humanity and contain the demon that hungers inside of her.

Because Denny Silver is needed.

And if Denny is going to be able to heed the call for help, if she is to become the force that threatens destruction of all things evil, then she must not only learn how to battle her own, she must also be willing to work side-by-side with it. Only by finally accepting who she truly is, can Denny embrace her responsibility as a demon hunter and learn how to control the Demon Within.

Because Denny Silver is needed…and so is her demon.

About Linda Kay Silva
Linda Kay Silva is the big brain behind such characters as Echo, Jessie, Dallas, Denny, Delta, and Quinn. She writes 3-4 novels a year as she travels around the world visiting exotic locations where Linda Kay does most of her writing. Now settled in Palm Springs, Linda Kay spends her days riding through the back roads on her Harley, Lucky. By night, she is a not-so-mild-mannered Literature Professor at a military university where she teaches World Lit, British Lit, American Lit, Sci-fi/fantasy, epic fantasy, American Poetry, Comparative Lit, and Creative Writing to our men and women in uniform all over the globe.

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The Silver Legacy Series – The Demon Within

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