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Display Wholesale Launches Wave Tube Displays and Fabric Pop Up Displays on Online Store has launched two new classes of product on their online store, offering more versatile signage solutions than ever before for trade fair and convention advertising.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2015 -- Brand is everything when growing a business, and the most fundamental way to increase brand visibility is through signage. Signage allows businesses to draw attention to themselves, and has evolved rapidly in the 21st century to include portable signage for the increasing popular pop-up and events model of promotion. offers some of the best quality and most affordable signage options in the country, and has just launched two amazing new product lines to increase the versatility of branding.

The new Wave Tube Displays ( are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and create a wave-like effect while providing a structural integrity to a display, and always accurately conveying the content printed on the fabric. The Wave Tube Displays come in a range of sizes and designs to ensure a perfect match for any brand. Use it as a table top display or get one for a backdrop.

The Fabric Pop Up Displays ( use a remarkable collapsible frame system to quickly set up a full size display made of a stretch fabric create an instant banner, featuring promotional artwork, a logo, key information and other brand messages.

These and all other products are now available through the new Self Serve website, which makes it easy to order items online, have them produced and expedite delivery to anywhere in the US and Canada.

A spokesperson for Display Wholesale explained, "Our new products give people a great opportunity to try out our new online ordering system, which enables people to complete the full transaction online including uploading whatever designs they want printed on the signs, so they can be delivered ready to go. We are thrilled with these two new products as they represent the next level in portable, flexible signage. We look forward to continuing to push the evolution of signage solutions throughout the coming year, and selling them in the most convenient way possible."

About Display Wholesale
Display Wholesale is located in Southern California and is a leader in providing quality signage products such as advertising flags, pop up displays, wave tube displays, banner stands, and much more. The site has a comprehensive catalogue which enables users to order everything they need online and have it delivered in no time at all. With a huge inventory, fast turnaround times, 24/7 service and unbeatable value.

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