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Backyard Fence, Inc. Donate Chain Link Fence to Build Fence for the ASPCA

Backyard Fence Inc has donated their products and services to the local ASPCA to create a secure chain link fence to keep their animals protected while giving them freedom to roam.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2015 -- Animals need open spaces to be able to thrive. Sadly however these open spaces are fraught with dangers, and those who have pets need to constantly supervise them in order to ensure they do not fall prey to traffic. The ASPCA provides protection and care for abused animals, but unfortunately they cannot provide individual supervision for every animal, making outdoor play difficult. Backyard Fence, Inc. has recently donated a huge amount of chain link fence and erected it to provide the ASPCA with a safe environment for animals to run and play outside.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Orlando takes in pets that have been abandoned or abused by their owners. They aim to care for, rehabilitate, nurture and eventually re-home these animals. Until then, however, they have to be kept on the grounds of the facility.

These animals of course have a need to be outdoors to exercise and play, but face risks from the outside world. The chain link fence provided by Backyard Fence, Inc. has enabled the society to allow the animals to enjoy outdoor play while keeping them safe.

A spokesperson for Backyard Fence Inc explained, "It has been our sincere pleasure to be able to donate this gift to the ASPCA in Orlando. We are proud to be able to help these animals get the freedom to play outdoors once again, where they can socialize with other animals and get the fresh air and exercise they need to be healthy. We love animals, and our fences are the best quality in the State, so these animals' safety is assured. We have made sure the chain link runs deep beneath the surface so playful digging won't result in escapes, this is our standard practices for any of our fences."

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