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Sober Tomorrow Offers a Free Assessment to Determine if One Has an Addiction

Individuals find they may access information 24/7 or speak to a treatment consultant in a short period of time, reports


Brentwood, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2015 -- Sober Tomorrow understands the devastating effects of substance abuse, from the financial impact to the emotional. Drug rehab centers operate to assist those who are struggling with substance abuse and Sober Tomorrow offers a free assessment to allow one to determine if they or a loved one are in need of drug or alcohol rehab. Whether one struggles with an addiction to opiates, alcohol, heroin, or another addictive drug, the facility offers a rehab program. Individuals wishing to know more may visit for additional details.

"The effects of substance abuse are far reaching. Although the addiction impacts family members and friends along with the addict, the focus needs to be on alcohol or drug rehab at this time. When this situation is treated, others impacted by the substance abuse may begin the recovery process also. Reports now estimate the United States spends more than $600 billion each year treating this problem. It's time to bring the problem to a halt and Sober Tomorrow can be of help to reduce the impact on all affected," Janet, spokesperson for Sober Tomorrow, announces.

Individuals need a comprehensive program, one that addresses every aspect of the substance abuse. Detox starts the process and may take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours to complete. During this time the patient may experience hallucinations, extreme physical discomfort, illness, and more. Sober Tomorrow works during this process to ensure the patient's safety and to assist in the process when needed.

"Once detox is complete, rehab may begin. Where many centers fail is they only treat the patient until he or she exits the program. Relapse prevention offers a way to reduce the chances of the patient returning to his or her former ways and substance of choice. Sober Tomorrow recognizes the importance of this phase of the process and works to prevent backsliding on the part of the patient. With this comprehensive plan, recovery is more likely," Janet continues.

For some, alcohol and/or drug rehab won't be enough. They suffer from an underlying psychiatric disorder which contributes to the problem, and treatment is needed for this disorder along with the rehab. For those in this situation, a dual diagnosis facility is required. With this type of facility, one receives the drug and/or alcohol rehab they need along with the psychiatric care to address the underlying disorder.

"Individuals turn to drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons. They also need various treatment methods, as there is no one size fits all approach to substance abuse rehab. If you have a loved one in need of assistance or you realize you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, contact Sober Tomorrow for a free assistance. Doing so is the first step in regaining a full and happy life," Janet declares.

About Sober Tomorrow
Sober Tomorrow offers a comprehensive treatment plan, taking the time to answer client questions while preparing to take action on their behalf. The staff coordinates interventions, investigates various insurance options, verifies the insurance coverage, and arranges transportation for the patient. In most cases, helpline professionals assist those in need, arranging to get them into detox and rehab within a 24 hour period, having done so for thousands of patients who have gone on to successful recoveries. The disease of addiction eventually affects every aspect of a person's life, including their thought processes and emotions along with their relationships and finances. In addition, it hijacks a bright future with obsession, therefore one cannot act too quickly. Sober Treatment is there to assist when this time comes.