Petroruba on the Effective Ways and the Use of Psychic Modalities in Successfully Finding Lost Items

It has been a proven fact that most missing objects can be found adjacent to the area or location where people normally keep them. Don’t go too far searching for that dear thing.


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2015 -- People have lost something once in their life and finding and retrieving these lost items seemed to be an ordeal. Why is it that when you need the thing or the object the most, that is when you can't find them?

The most common thing that most are those that they use almost every day like car keys, wallet, pens, socks, and cellular phones, but other lost items do not matter much to some as they are not that significant.

If a person feels that he/she is missing something, then the initial reaction is to immediately look for the lost stuff and when the thing could not be found, then the PANIC MODE sets in. Losing something important has some psychological effects on people; most of them will have experience anxiety, anger, and then later on depression as part of the psychokinetic reaction to the loss.

When an important item is lost, psychologists suggest refraining from looking for the missing object right away. Relaxation is one of the best things to do and avoid PANIC. This way you could think where it must have been lost and iron out a plan how and where to search for it.

It has been a proven fact that most missing objects can be found adjacent to the area or location where people normally keep them. Don't go too far searching for that dear thing.

Some people go to the panic mode right away and think that they have really lost an important article or item especially when they are small; the very first thing to search is your clothes specifically the pockets; it may not actually be lost and you're already starting to be alarmed.

BE SYSTEMATIC. You might be wondering how you can be systematic when you have lost an item. What we, at Petroruba, mean by this that when you try to find lost items, DO NOT just rampage through all the things in the room. If possible, search the room inch by inch and try to organize the things as you continue searching. Putting everything in order will prevent you to lose more important stuff and you would most likely find some of the things you have given up looking for.

THINK BACK. Try to recall when you last took a hold of the stuff, whom you have lent it to, and where you last saw the thing. Try retracing your steps; and where you went before you found out the item was already missing.

If you have established that your wallet or something really important is really missing and is nowhere to be found, call the police and report the incident. There might be fraudulent people who might use the IDs and the credit cards.

Moreover, people have gone to the next level just to find lost items that are really very important and they have resorted to using psychic abilities in their eagerness to find out where the object can be found and, if stolen, who took the stuff. Psychics are using different unusual techniques based on certain principles.

The Pendulum Technique is a method in which a psychic uses a purchased pendulum or an improvised one. The person holding the pendulum will assign which direction answers the question YES and which is NO. You can start asking a pertinent question that is only answerable by a YES or a NO such as, "Is my tablet stolen or not?" What direction the pendulum goes, answers the question.

The Clairsentience psychic modality is also another method of finding lost items. This is done by walking around the place where you think the item or the object was lost. Logic is not a necessity in this method, but the earthly instinct. Try to concentrate while walking on the area and try to feel for some tugging, a tingling sensation or a sudden rise in your body temperature in certain locations when you walk, most probably the thing you have been looking for is there. Some people who have successfully found their missing items say that this method really works.

Asking the Dream Master, this psychic technique deals with the belief that there is being that lives on the ceiling of your bedroom and asking him to show where the thing is through your dreams is the manner used. Some people do not really remember their dreams; so most likely, this would not be effective in some people.

The Claircognizance modality is a psychic strategy which signifies clear-thinking; it is somewhat the same as that of the Clairsentience modality except for the fact that you have to be a gifted Claircognizant otherwise you would not be successful in finding the missing thing.

Asking your Guide is another psychic way to know and find things. It is a belief in the psychic world that every person has his or her own psychic guide. You have to do some meditation to talk to them and ask them where you can find the important thing that you have lost. You guide might tell you the answer right away or they may tell you that finding the thing would be impossible.

These are only some of the effective ways on how to find lost objects, but there are some more scientific and practical ways to do this. One of these ways is finding websites like the to search for lost or stolen items. They also verify whether the thing they have found is exactly the one that you have lost.

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