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The First Sunshade Designed for Festival Camping

Modern tents are notorious for becoming a sauna in the morning. The Sleep In Shade Wall is an easy addition to any dome tent that keeps the inside cooler and drier. Robert Meredith has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund production of this new breakout product.


Boulder, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/13/2015 -- With more than a thousand summer festivals planned in 2015; this unique, and affordable, camping accessory has the potential to improve the morning experience for festival lovers of all kinds. The Sleep In Shade Wall is a reflective sunshade that fastens directly to any dome tent to keep sunlight and heat out, so you can sleep in. Every Shade Wall comes with a set of earplugs in a logo case, and there is a cool pocket compass available, to make sure backers will aim their tent in the right direction.

Made with an exclusive, lightweight aluminum and polyethylene material, the Sleep In Shade Wall offers full protection and folds up for easy transport or storage. The custom-shape is designed to block the morning sun with no extra ropes, poles, or stakes. The Shade Wall provides more than 31 square feet of coverage area and comes with adjustable straps. Weighing less than a pound and attached to a tent like a rain fly, The Sleep In Shade Wall is guaranteed to shut out excessive, uncomfortable morning heat for any dome tent.

About The Sleep In Shade Wall
Robert Meredith, a professional artist and maker , invented the Sleep In Shade Wall as a solution to the problem of tents that overheat in the morning sun. After several years of using handmade prototypes, he has partnered with a large tarp manufacturer, and now the Sleep In Shade Wall is ready for production. If you like to stay up late, you will love the Sleep In!

Contact Person: Robert Meredith
Company: Sleep In Shade Wall
Address: 4885 Eisenhower dr. Apt. B Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 303-642-5076