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New Photo Project: Ghost Houses in Norway

Norway - one of the world’s richest countries, internationally known for its welfare and prosperity - is also rich on a growing number of ghost houses and abandoned farms. Photographer Sigmund Aas has launched Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for his photo project - documenting the past before it’s gone.


Oslo, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2015 -- Sigmund Aas is a published author and photographer who has spent several years traveling around Norway and photographing old and decaying farms, stables and homesteads.  Now, Aas has launched a Kickstarter campaign at that will raise funds for another photography trip and publication of a pictorial book based on his discoveries.

"Our past is slowly fading away as more and more farms in Norway are abandoned and fall into disrepair. Over 600 years ago, the Black Plague swept across Norway, killing half the population within two years. Farms were left abandoned, overgrown by nature, and then completely forgotten.  Now, this is happening again. Our history is slowly disappearing. Numerous Norwegian farms and other houses, now insufficiently productive, are abandoned and fall into disrepair. As the people move away and the older generations die, knowledge of the way and life of farming the lands in the old days disappear into oblivion. With it, traditions through thousands of years of handcraft and hard work can be wasted," says Aas.

Having toured Norway with his camera, Aas has discovered many "ghost houses" and the heritage represented by these abandoned locations.  Now, he hopes to document the past by taking pictures of the buildings, communities, equipment and hand-crafted tools that are quickly disappearing throughout Norway.

The funds from Kickstarter will be used to purchase better equipment and to gain access to a four-wheel drive vehicle.  The Kickstarter campaign will also allow others to make suggestions of sites to photograph.  The final results will be compiled into a book or online gallery for sharing with supporters and others who may be interested in the disappearing history of this country.

About Sigmund Aas
Sigmund Aas is an author and a photographer who has taken to heart the disappearance of so much of Norway's history and culture.  He hopes to raise funds through a Kickstarter campaign to allow him to photograph as many of these disappearing farms and homesteads as possible and publish the results in a book or gallery.

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