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HeadFonic Announces Release of Its Top 20 Best Headphone Picks for 2015


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2015 -- Highly visible marketing doesn't automatically equate to an exceptional product and nowhere is that more evident than in the headphone industry. To assist individuals in making informed decisions about their choice of headphones, HeadFonic chief editor, Paul Bell, has released his Top 20 headphone picks for 2015.

"Good headphones can change the way you view music," said Bell. "Don't fall into the trap of fashion obsessed brands that only seek to make more money."

Bell provides readers with free information, reviews and advice on headphone and earbud brands that may not be immediately recognizable, but offer superior sound. HeadFonic offers information about headphones and earbuds for music, gaming, TV, sports and those designed for children. Wireless, Bluetooth, speakers, and studio setup are also addressed on the website.

To attain the HeadFonic Top 20 headphone list, the product being reviewed must score at least 70 out of a possible 100 points. Headphones are graded on overall quality of the sound delivered. Top picks for 2015 include offerings from Harman Kardon, Grado Labs and Phillips to Ultrasone, Sony and Sennheiser.

Some brands were omitted from the list due to their prohibitive pricing or the difficulty of obtaining a pair by the average person. Amplification was another criteria used when selecting the Top 20 and Bell noted that the headphones named won't achieve their full sound potential when connected to smartphones or MP3 players.

A proliferation of headphones and earbuds are on the market. Extravagant marketing campaigns and iconic celebrities have created highly visible brands, but what's fashionable or most expensive doesn't necessarily provide a top-quality listening experience.

HeadFonic provides information on products to accommodate a variety of consumer needs and budgetary concerns. Bell highlights brands that are best for a myriad of uses, those with specific features, and low cost solutions. Individuals have the information at their fingertips to decide what brand best suits their usage and budget.

It's important for music aficionados to obtain the right headphones for the type of music they're listening to and HeadFonic provides a free guide to the Top 20 best headphones for 2015. Whether readers are seeking headphones for classical music, the DJ circuit or their children, individuals will find information and guidance on features and costs of top quality headphones.

For more information, Bell can be reached by phone at +447429088847 or by visiting HeadFonic online.

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