LC System

The LC System MY SEAT Launched to Provide the Ultimate 21st Century Camping Chair

The new innovative LC System MY SEAT is a product applying 21st century design to the most rustic pursuits, creating a lightweight, portable, and crucially self-leveling camping chair for trips, hikes and more.


Ptuj, Slovenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2015 -- LC System is an innovative design and engineering firm looking to overcome those of life's drawbacks that take away from otherwise pleasant experiences. One such experience is getting into the great outdoors, time which is now seen as a premium. People don't want to spend this time fighting with cheap, awkward and unbalanced portable furniture, so LC System has devised a unique game changing solution: My Seat, The 21 century camping chair.

MY SEAT was created using a unique and patented level compensation system, which uses a stainless steel arch which automatically compensates to the ground surface and angle, all while using no mechanical or electronic parts. Through this innovative and elegantly simple design feature, MY SEAT can be used to sit upright and comfortably on almost any surface, from uneven ground, rocks and sand to mud and steep mountainous inclines.

The MY SEAT website features a full video demonstration of the chair being set down, opened up and used in a variety of contexts, and makes clear the camping chair is just the beginning, as this unique technology could put an end to wobbly tables and chairs in restaurants and beer gardens.

A spokesperson for MY SEAT explained, "LCS Global has created quite simply the best camping chair ever! It's robust and high quality materials have been chosen for their combination of structural integrity and lightness, making them at once easily portable and easy to use, without sacrificing comfort at any point. Reimaging the base as a laterally adjustable tripod, the chair has solved so many of the problems commonly found with camping chairs, and many other forms of outdoor and public furniture. MY SEAT is just the beginning, and the company looks forward to continuing to develop new and exciting solutions using their patented technologies."

MY Seat was created by LCS Global, an innovative and progressive company designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture and more. Established 2010, they are in business to satisfy unmet leveling and stabilizing needs with inventive, quality and useful products. Their solutions aim to be affordable and – above all – safe to use.

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